The Unusual Connections

When the two unconnected trains share the same track, it isn’t an accident, but Life. 

Life is an artist, not an art, who makes the paper, pen and art to meet. If not an artist, there is no art. If not a life, there is no connections.Life is equipped with tons and tons of unusual connections. Say, somewhere at the corner you read mine, that is life is all about, I term it as The Unusual Connections. Connection is the tool that makes the universe to function 365days a year.After all, “stay connected” is the mantra of cell phones, which rules the life of today. Yes?

If a rose attracts your sight, that is a connection. If you buy a new cell phone, there is a connection. If you accidently slip and a dog makes you wet with saliva, Connection. If a stranger yells at you, connection, connection and connection. Life holds a fathomless radius of mysterious connections, which has no formula for finding its area.  There exists a powerful invisible force that unites the humans or animals or things together at a single platform. How this invisible force connected me and him by the theory of life? Is what the post today.

The beams of sun were so obvious that was all the Autumn season could bring.As like the trees, calm and composed, I was waiting for the opportunity to grab. They two were never meant to meet if the contest had not occurred. I was all set for the journey to Chennai for a speech competition which I wasn’interested to attend though. But the “Force” which I told you once, was stronger enough than my thoughts that made me to proceed.

The dashing sun rays embraced all my jitters and made me relaxed.  A light of new hope glittered brighter than the sun in front of me.The intolerant traffic of chennai and the showers of raindrops welcomed me.  After winning over the traffic, rain and horrible roads,  I managed to reach home safely. There I was connected to long met sister (connection, again). We both drew a plan to spend the whole day together as my sister was sinking in the Indian family life, for which we couldn’t find a better place than the Speech Contest. The next day, after I delivered a convincing speech in the contest, we both came out of the hall and was having chit chat till the results were out. Seconds turned minutes to hour to hours to half a day. One of the contestants couldn’t resist her curiousity  and interrupted our talk. “You both became friends here?”  😂 I said “no, we are same blood sisters“. I still now couldn’t forget her reaction. Two strings of thought have the probability of running on her mind. One is the advertisement title song ” Santoor mummy” or the other is “how weird they(we) both talk“. Whatever, I noticed her doubt filled face and answered her ” we hardly have chance to speak over the phone”. Her face suddenly turned clear and she waved us a mild goodbye as if we cleared her the most torturing question. Soon after, the results were out( never expect me to say you people the result😂😛) . My sister and I though were tired, still preferred for a transportation that takes us home a way longer than anything else, so that we could spend a bit more time together.We couldn’t find anything better than marching or walking or jogging or (whatever😜).  (see, marriage is the saddest thing for any true sisters. It separates two beautiful hearts and they both need to wait for long holidays to meet. It is not that easy. The elder one has to convince her new family ,should find a good alternative to manage her two children and so on. To list the difficulties of married sister, I probably need to make another post).

We had a long walk, were talking randomly and the whole universe gave us an outlandish look as we had no moment of break or gasp( who minded and cared).  There in the pedestrian only, I met him. Yes, him.  I passed him uncared as I already had worst incidents with the family of him😜.  But he , followed and followed. My sister too noticed and at one point, she threw stones on him considering his safety. He acted for a while, but followed again. I was worried for his life and was lamenting to my sister.  She suddenly took a break and crossed the highly traffic road to the other side. I was telling my sister while crossing ” see, he is going to struck hard in the traffic”. In no minute, When I turned to see him, a huge cry filled the area. He couldn’t manage to cross as calculative like us, exactly how I picturized a moment before.  Bike ran on his spine and the biker slipped on the road. This time, “HE” wasn’t on the scene at all and went somewhere unnoticed. I was in complete aw with hands almost frozen. But my sister timely reacted. She offered water to the biker and helped him to gather all his scattered things. That is the difference between an elder sister and a younger one, no height or age difference can actually make you both differ, but the mentality to accept things make a difference.  

Why this happened? Why He,the stray dog, followed me for no reason from one area to the other for quite a long time.  He was a different dog (hey wait, what did you think then? I meant only dog😛) . attention please, I’m going to tell you a secret. Generally, I have a great bondage to dogs, don’t know why(but I hate them). Any dog will take less than a minute to befriend me, be it an adult dog or puppies. But you know what, I  left the habit of sounding a friendly call on dogs by puckering lips , ever since the sound alerted a rabid dog and I was screaming on the road all alone😵😂. This is the reason I went uncared when He, the stray dog sat on the platform. There I made sure that the problem wasn’t with me😂, just with dogs😂. But, this scene was so unusual to me that left a deep hollow in my heart. Why he followed from street to street and got hurt at the spine? What if I wasn’t at the picture( everything would just be functioning fine). Aftermath the incident, It would have caused him a serious damage that might even drove him to death. But why???

The unusual connections”, still remain mysterious.

That is life.  


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  1. Again u proved to be a good writer and observer… Well said.. I also think sometime(some people come into my life whom I want to leave but wont go.. I feel the connectivity and has been surprised… Some would go from my life who I want to stay) its not nly connection, some r blessings, some r lessons😊… I hav also felt the soul connection, physical connection, connection regarding religion, blood, academy, hobbies etc etc.. Anyways, every connection has the purpose in our life.. as usual superb writing sis.. Carry on 👍

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