Instant joy

​When the soul experiences inner enlightenment or Joy,

Even the dispirited clouds seem to somersault for a pop song.


When the soul squeezes in materialistic failure,

Even the rap song sounds as funeral elegy. 

Just like

An eye candy Rose that gives inner pleasure without a reason,

Just like

The withered petals that crush peace

 into pieces.

It’s in the eyes we see,

It’s in the emotions we drive with.

All it takes is splashing water to the withering petals,

All it takes is Spreading warmth to the weeping peers,

Because love is human,

Love is scattering joy,

Love is finding peace within oneself,

Love is eroding menace of others.


Joy and sorrow are the two contrast emotions that robotize human in no time. However these emotions control us, I say, it is in our hands and eyes to give it a space or not. So next time when you find long faces, splash your piece of exultation and soak their faces in bucket full of peace and refreshment. And if at all you feel dejected, look at something that fetches you an instant inner joy, because the power to unveil the soul is within you . Happiness is what life is all about! Be cheerful. Look at sky or stand against the violent wind with eyes closed or play with kitties or puppies or give a random walk or watch people talk or tune to the high volumed band or roam around your garden lonely. Do whatever that gives you instant joy, that joins all the cracked fragments of skin together.


4 thoughts on “Instant joy

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  1. Superb writing sis.. Inner happiness s very imp in our life.. Even I we sit n hut we can enjoy like a palace if our heart s pure and happy.. ( indha vayasulaye ippadi oru thathuvama..?? I m proud of u sissy)

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