One sided window PART 1

Give yourself some break and get ready for a story. I welcome reviews of any kind.
Apparent, spacious, gigantic theatre screen like resemblance that one sided window was. As if the beauty of entire world is stilled and framed in miniature. Incessant rain was all settled and the strong rays of sun crept in the next day. They make best pair than fuming hot tea with salt biscuit in winter.
Two strands of cable wire breached the grill window. Right through there, the photographic view of triplet birds preening their wings, few others of their kind tuning a rhetoric song and the shyness of tender leaves to dance to the tune just composed was eye candy to watch, what else to say! Soon after did they learn to dance, they made way to the scenic beauty of herds of goat parting the sand and gearing up for the final settlement of prior rift. Eyes straight, ears sharp and hands all set for that one perfect action movie.
“Dung…..tharikitta tharikitta tharikkita dung” not so newly invented English words to your surprise. All of a sudden, one minute stretched instrument Ghatam like intense sound it was. It cost me another minute to understand that bottom of idly cooker was mistakenly aimed at middle of thus cinematically mentioned window Dung followed by tharikitta tharikkitta tharikkita dung as it rolled down the floor. The blockbuster action movie at the other side marred though, the inside happenings were no different as if there was a resume button. It was mistakenly aimed. By this time endoscopic journey through my head would terrified the world when rightly placed.
Just beside the idly cooker’s bottom on the floor, I found lid of it, but just as a virtual image touting on the floor. Following the line of sight of it, I was puzzled to see The Bahubali of our story with lid as the armor plate and ladle as dagger all well positioned. “Hey you the one came to my territory da. I’ll stab you. Eh……h” saying so he, my second nephew ran forcefully towards the other. “How can you speak your brother like that da. Wait, let me show you what my power is…” first nephew‘s ego was touched, dignity was collapsed and he couldn’t resist drawing towards his brother with tantamount force, implicating all physics concepts in one arena.
Me in the midst left stranded, could figure out this time it was a territory dispute. Brothers squabbling would go smooth as long as they both maintained mutual code of conduct. Codes were broken and paved way to tussle was well understandable. No.1 dashed No.2 several times and No.2 defended using armor plate (lid).
“What to do with this ladle. Let me try throwing at him” shrugged No.2.
“Amma…”screamed No.1.
“wow. Works well.” enjoyed No.2. Trial and error is what life is all about were not just so words it seemed.
Big one searched for a greater tool to teach the other a lesson. What else could he find other than a handy at the same time powerful weapon like T.V. remote? After series of sutures crisscrossing across its entire surface, fringes partially destructed, plasters rounded up holding the keypads tight to the board, remote stood tall still, survived and lent a help perhaps for the one last time. God forbid!
In no minute to reflex, No.2 burst into hurricane and moved out of the place howling “Wait! Let me tell granddad about this”. Why granddad you may think. To shape one’s character specifically of children, someone within the family has to be a friendly villain, right? It may look like oxymoron, but sadly, most of the modern day parents lag this quality.
Drama was filling the scene soon. Most interestingly, T.V. remote finally attained salvation and all its prayers were heard. May it rest in peace.

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part 2 will be soon published..

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