​Sky turns inky black, Wind goes wildly cruel, Sand betrays lovely land, Yet, trees prefer to battle Amongst the crowd who Lung for a shelter to hide! Because it expected the minds Of ambience would change one day. Whereas poor people, still hoped Life would be monotonous all the time. Summary: Life is subjected to... Continue Reading →

Mirages of life

​The greatest illusion in life is taking everything into heart, At some day some point we realize how silly we were no matter what's the size of the problem.  At 20, you smile imagining the size of problem at 10. At 50,  grin about 30. At 100, laugh out loud about 60. As simple as... Continue Reading →

Lost Emotions

Roads reverberated dog's togetherness psalm,  Sooner ended in stained FUMES -tuning cry, Who cares,EMOTIONS DIED ALREADY! SUMMARY: we humans are becoming so commercial, thereby losing all our emotional attachments with the world. Whosoever comes on the way, demolishing is the only deed of reciprocation! If it is an animal, it is a blunt assassination. Because EMOTIONS... Continue Reading →

Starvation is cruel

​Pride in pain As  the babies let its maiden cry. Starvation is cruel! Mother flutters its feather and Brings beak full of worms, But Wrings in lost hope As There were no generations to eat, As The babies became prey to prey of some other creature, That's why I said Starvation is cruel! Summary: Mother... Continue Reading →

Answer me

Stars-  somewhere in the universe you answer me, But why I couldn't question the hypocrites next to me? They say, questioning is easy Answering is difficult. Then Why it failed in my case?????

Growing old

"Chithi.... (Aunty)" T​here comes an exuberant thrill when you are called by your neice or nephew as aunt. On the extreme corner heart engulfs a fear which ejects a ray of thoughts "You are growing. You are becoming old. You aren't a child anymore. "  Times have changed where you once addressed someone as aunt... Continue Reading →

The Rat Race

"Life is a race, run!run!!run!!!" The scholars and philosophers put it as "RAT RACE". Why to infer as rat, why it could not be some other animal? Why because the functioning and structure of rat's brain is much similar to that of human, despite the size of the brain. To make you in awe, rats... Continue Reading →

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