How imperative is the word “Anger” in your life?  

There are certain magical words which are perceived beyond their actual meaning.  Let’s do some mind exercise. Give a shout out on these words: TIME, DEATH, BLOOD, TERRORIST and finally ANGER. There are other words with same letter count as that of those : LONG, CLOUD, SHIRT,TELEPHONE and PAPER.  Among these two sets of words, the first one had the power to bring all the nerves out of your skin when you read, hadn’t it? 

Why so??  

Our brain relates those words with some bad incidents and makes a decision without even looking at the context of the content. It’s now so blunt that certain words have more meaning and power to stir up all the emotions dumped inside us. The word “ANGER” comes under the same classification of  those magical words. It is not just a word, it is a world instead.  Yes, world of the outburst of long buried emotions. It has found its own place in many scholarly literatures, especially in Tamil that has phenomenal numbers than in any other language. The ever contemporarily fitting conventional verses of Thiruvaluvar emphasize more on Anger. The famous literature Silapathikaaram focuses on the feminine anger that destroyed the entire city. Everybody, everybody talks something about anger, but mostly in negative picture. Your father might advised you at some point “control your anger. Don’t come as like me. Only because of anger, I lost many things in life.”  If not your father, someone who cares for you might said ” anger can buy you only the name short tempered , nothing else.”   Perhaps, that’s why we go numb as stones, where it has to be highly reacted.  There is not even one to teach the importance of anger. Let I take the cup of fire and circle round the world to spread words on the word anger. 

Anger has lot many positive things to do in this world.  Leave the oldies aside, they naturally tend to develop fear when they get aged. But as a youth, we , YOU should have more of burning anger than more of burning desire.  Many misconceive anger and desire. Taking revenge on someone is not the reflection of  anger, but their reflection of insensitive desire to create harmness. 

When some raise against the occasion, we as an audience make efforts only to prank or give an awkward smile at him, whereas we never give a sense of analysis. Movies portray such kinda characters as heroes. Yet in reality, they are treated as jokers. That’s the line of separation between movies and reality.One’s anger becomes other’s entertainment. 

There comes a justice, when many joins one.  Well, that’s a problem here. Everybody looks for an instant moment of joy by teasing others or degrading the character of someone.  I can give an affidavit that nobody seeks true humour or pleasure from their ambience. I happened to see an incident which left me so poignant. 

It was a busy road (by reading busy ,please don’t assume that those people had some purpose to come outside their house. They were those wanderers who come to roadside just to create nuisance and hindrance to true public.) Throng of people equally went here and there on both of the parallel roads. The crowd staggered in high traffic. A Bus and the boy on bike were happened to halt for a while closer. A man at the last seat of the bus tended to spill on the road, but to his bad luck, bus started to move and he spilt over the boy next to the bus.How many posters or penetrating words you write on walls, people do just opposite to break the intention and will roll up their sleeves and bluff”LAWS ARE MEANT TO BE BROKEN.” Spilling on earth itself a wrong do, but he spilt on the fellow of his kind. Of course, that was just happenstance and that couldn’t be the words of reason to the boy on the other side.  The boy’s voice in anger overrode 80 decibels. 

When the man on the bus was about to plead an apology in return to the person concerned, he was taken aback by seeing the passers by and the mob around him who were already giving an ugly broad laughter on the boy and he too joined those irrational herds instead. Though his anger had sense, it losts importance.  Who cares? All we need is joy, joy and joy. Who dies or suffers, what’s for us! 

We work only to feed the curiosity  of our mind rather than bringing the truth to light.  

Youngsters, assimilate your anger for a good cause. Your anger should throw light in someone’s life.   

It is not that I give philosophical approach to the things that are difficult to set straight in my life or a means to make them a way easy or as an excuse to my inability or to showcase myself different by making opposite statements in the midst of like minded herds. It’s because of the depth the content or word posses. Analyze the depth of the word anger, you will probably unleash the unsaid truth . 

10 thoughts on “How imperative is the word “Anger” in your life?  

  1. You got the hero of the article, the word, under a new light, especially through the example of the boy and the man in the bus at the last. Though that example covered much more aspects than being angry, but yeah, the main crux remains the same, unleashing the power of merely a word ‘Anger’.
    Penned down profoundly, Salaai. 🙂


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