India is my country- is it just by mere words?

Writing is not just about pouring out random and glossy thoughts. Sometimes, you have to wait for something to disturb you,  make you ponder , flood inside the tiny little spaces in your brain and flow unstoppably creating marvels.  The wait can be as long as you can’t refrain the igniting spark within you any further. Now, Time has outwitted its own form and stresses me to open up the long shut doors.  Here I go.

How much your country means to you?  Keeping all the inner riots and differences of opinion aside, give a open and broad think about it.  For me, it’s more than a place, just like magical tin, teeming with endless new hopes and lives to start each day with. How it feels like when its image is assassinated in public realm?

This morning, I come to encounter in online two young girls belonging to varied diversity, one from Japan and the other from India, exchanging beautiful and insightful thoughts in public forum.  When the girl from India finally revealed where she is from, the girl from foreign country was startled to know and asked her in return “Do you hail from the country where survival is at risk? Country that is known for brutal rapes? Oh my girl, I pray for your life and safety ” .My heart crumbled , but then, my mind couldn’t help me than to just scroll, neither that Indian girl.  The Indian girl seems to live in reality , thus she presented more such brutal links to the lady on the other side without a word of denial or cooking up in favour of building the image of the country. The reality talks on our country continued between those two. 

Me on the other side, left in vain. I never wished to hear such talks on my country, when there were a lot of goodness to talk about; lot of goodness is submerged by one big negative. Albeit, the truth can’t be hidden under the sack for too longer.  I agree with how the image of India is carried away by other country people. Being a woman, I too have felt the rubbish behavior of fellow Indians many a time.  Films like Ustad Hotel ,Kali   and Kaabil perfectly tuned women’ struggle. 

Rather than giving a talk on why women in India are unsecured, I have planned to pen down how being a woman feels like. Let the world of women be seen through by my words.  I take this platform to educate the irrational men who objectify women and assume that women don’t retaliate.  

If you are a woman, I bet you would have used this sentence at least once in your life time “Have you never seen girls before?“.  And the result is an ugly smile that is thrown on us. WE IGNORE.  This is not just one time we ignore things. We do until our last inspiration and expiration process. That’s why they might have said ” age is just a number”. Wait and read.

Freedom is festived just by words in India. Freedom has nothing to do with girls. For women, for us, we still haven’t redeemed with independence.  We don’t even have freedom to put things that interest us in mind; even that too is decided by Irrational Men. We too have dreams; dreams not by your terms. We dream to have world removed of irrational idiots, insensible monsters; the world for Us: To breathe uncontaminated thoughts embraced by pure air, To walk unnoticed, To ride with no stalkers, To fly higher where sun and moon is indistinguishable, To acquire greatest honour, To live for other lives and To be occupied with only thoughts of us in mind.  Do you know that we dream for these? Ever thought about it?  Dreams are meant to be evaporated for girls. So WE IGNORE

Entire eyes will be on us when we touch our phone and answer our dad that we have reached here so and so.  WE IGNORE. Sometimes, we are answerable to unacquainted “It’s my father“.  

Let me tell how spending a day will be like for a woman?   Because we are born to explain people even if that’s a step further. 

There will always be a watch dog everywhere and every time right from the moment we get off and fall from and into the bed.  When you come out of your home in the morning, there will be a hutch Dog that stalks you from this tail to that tail of your area. When you board a bus, there will be countryside dogs to take the game that was paused. And finally When we manage  to reach the working arena, there comes educated dogs .It can be whatever: local mongrel or Tibetian Royal Mastiff, Dogs just don’t change its inborn nature . WE IGNORE as we have been instructed not to throw stones on every dog that barks.  The evening scenario continues same as morning but in descending order. WE IGNORE. Most of the dogs run bikes and cars. WE IGNORE.  And the situation continues the following days as like relay games. We learned to ignore and we learned to adapt and we learned that being a girl that is all common. We teach the next generations the same.  Everything is complete by the word common.  

Every girl you offend, shall be a great  writer , wrestler, athlete, doctor, engineer, teacher, artist, philosopher, spiritualist, mother, sister, beautiful daughter. Give us space and time, rest action speaks.  

Life is not as cinematic as you picturize to swift the moment just at the speed of light when we are offended. It takes even one whole life to heal and grow.  Stop trying to impress us, we have a hell lot of other things to do and we aren’t kids anymore to fall for decorations. We are matured and we ignore.

And to the girls out there,  we aren’t secondary to none (not by words); even in terms of physical strength. Your anger is powerful enough to gather all your strength and just give it a stage.
I’m deeply saddened  that laws and policies couldn’t be of any help to the ones who lost their lives and to the rest who by living suffer . Common man doesn’t feel the heat of the norms. Only question is why laws aren’t like knife at the neck?  Instead it is like jelly that stretches and stretches and stretches and lose its charm.


We learned to ignore and learned to adapt and learned to teach the next generations the same. 

You haven’t changed; Laws haven’t changed; so as we.  


2 thoughts on “India is my country- is it just by mere words?

  1. You touched a very sensitive topic. We need to go a long way to protect our sisters more. Though I don’t have an opinion and do not support ” women is not safe at all”. Also, another point is about image of our country. We are also responsible for it, esp in social media. Politics is not only within countries, it is there among countries as well.
    However, I do not dispute : we need to improve awareness, protection, stricter and faster law and its execution.
    Thanks for you courageous post! 👍


  2. It’s a saddening fact that even in this so called modern era many people are still carrying the orthodox thinking which is causing Indian women in to face rape, acid throwing, dowry, honor killings, marital rape, and the forced prostitution of young girls and so on… I won’t say that India is some kind of worst place for women but still there are lots or issues. You have delivered a great message through this post and I wish every Indian should read this… If you don’t mind I want to share this post { proper credit will be given to you }


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