Innocence sways the heart

​Grandpa and grandson go for a grocery shop,by walk on a pathway. Grandson being so excited, pours breathless questions to grandpa on whatsoever that takes his attention . For he is the grandpa, he practices patience on answering. Suddenly for a minute, the boy turns calm and looks indifferent.  Grandpa: what has gone wrong? Grandson:... Continue Reading →

Truth of life

1)at the Maximum, people can only make others envy with their money and status, what else. 2) losing phone is like losing certificates. 3)Erased SD cars deletes the history of us forever. 4)old photographs make us understand "life was much happier before". 5)childhood is awesome. 6)As long as you are happy, you can be younger... Continue Reading →

போராட்டம் | Struggle

விளிம்பிலிருந்து குதித்து விட்டோம் என்று பெருமிதம் கொண்டபொழுதுதான் புரிகிறது  அது படியின் அடுத்த அடி என்று. எப்பொழுது மனம் இதுபோன்று  சம்மந்தமில்லா ஒப்பீடுகளைக் கொடுக்கிறதோ  அப்போதே புரிந்துக்கொள் நீ  இளமையைத் தாண்டி விட்டாய் என்று. When I took pride in jumping from the apex of the world as if it is going to bring me an instant eternal bliss, I pinched myself back to the... Continue Reading →

 மாயம் | magic

உறங்கி கொண்டிருந்த எண்ணங்களுக்கும், கேட்பாரின்றி கிடந்த   இயற்கைக்கும், வெறிச்சோடி போன காகிதத்திற்கும், வறண்டு உறைந்திருந்த பேனாவிற்கும், மூன்றெழுத்து  "உயிரை"த் தந்தது இரண்டெழுத்து மாய "மொழி". Translation: The musings that fell asleep,  The beauty of nature that left orphaned, The pages that were full of white, The pens that breathed dry and frozen, All their last beat of souls were reincarnated  By... Continue Reading →

The Unusual Connections

When the two unconnected trains share the same track, it isn't an accident, but Life.  Life is an artist, not an art, who makes the paper, pen and art to meet. If not an artist, there is no art. If not a life, there is no connections.Life is equipped with tons and tons of unusual... Continue Reading →

Answer me

Stars-  somewhere in the universe you answer me, But why I couldn't question the hypocrites next to me? They say, questioning is easy Answering is difficult. Then Why it failed in my case?????


How much of you are tired of hearing Million Instructions Per Second ,MIPS(leave the technical side, let's talk general)😜. If I tell you that computers are the digital version of humans, will you agree? Say CPU, the brain of computer is congruent to the brain of human and all the peripheral parts of it are... Continue Reading →

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