PenciL can alone do magic

Deepika padukone, Actress

However modern we grow, traditions add an extra beauty to the already existing beauty which none can deny.This was my maiden attempt on traditional drawings. The eyes were so exotic which inspired me to give some try to the image.It was a big deal for me to reproduce the structure of an image. Hope, I gave justice to the caption😉.


This is completely different drawing from the previous one. To depict the girl as modern , hairs were made fluffy and more curly. This has some special connection to me as I gifted this to my sister on her wedding.


traditional and modern combo. And guess who is in the pic(it is safer to leave the judgment part to the audience. What do you say😉)


Why should humans alone occupy paper? 😁 

Age of this diagram goes a long way back. It was a time when I was learning , well, struggling, how to shade. The very first is always favourite however it looks like, isn’t it?


Practise makes a man perfect.  Different colors of human at each of his stages.


8 years old drawing

The scroll has finally come to an end giving a new hope for the next post.  Comments from the best critics like you  are highly valued. Until then, Stay tuned for the next phase of magic of art.  

See you:)

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