know me a LiTtle!

As a person: Im pursuing Bachelor’s degree in electronics and communication engineering . I’m an enthusiastic person from a small town in Tamil Nadu,  India who craves for honesty. I’m amiable and true. I look for leading some meaningful life. May sound like a resumé. Hehe😁.( Hands up! Got your mind😄😄😄).Believe me I’m true to the best of my knowledge(hahaha😜😂). Jokes apart, I’m a kinda tranquil LIKE person but really not😜 who involves in lot of fun.   A bit more of philosophical person, but see when we try to be more philosophical in talk, we are previewed as an old-fashioned folk. But when the same stuff is transformed to a written format we become a man of futuristic thoughts 😜 😉. So, you guessed right. I’m here to blow your mind as well with the untold and unveiled knots of life 😂 . one more thing, I can be a non stop nonesense sometimes (not all the time), because I’ll get more attached if anything takes me to another world .Bear with me,okay?😀😁 ( Most of the time I control myself while typing( I like to play with words😏). To be on safer side, telling you people😀😉😉).

Did I make you to smile ☺ in someway😮 ?? Did I?

Then kudos for myself. I’m a very easy going person and will surely be marking my contributions to the society and to the WP.

Saalai Kamalathaai or SKT (aka) kamals:   The world may call you by your name, only closest call you by the pet names that no one knows.  😀

YesYeS! My fellow mates used to call me Skt in short. My soul mate calls me kamals. That is SHE,My elder SISTER . She is more of a mother to me.
Know meaning for my name: Let me have my own definition for my name.
Saalai = path or road
kamala= lotus like
Thaai= mother.
She is a mother of all lotus who spreads positivity, fragrance and she is the one who has born to take the world to the right path.
(Just gone through its meaning..I’m not sure whether I fit in 😉).

Things I do than studying 😜 :

1)Drawing: I love to do stunts with portraits.  I’m fond of pencil shading.   A single pencil can do miracles and renders a lot of pleasure. All my extra curricular activities are only because of my sister. She is really a multi talented personality. In order to match with her, I learned things myself 😜. After all, life is nothing but getting learnt from the stuffs that inspires.

Your comments are highly valued. ☺😊

2)singing: 😜 (No violence ah!)I can’t tell you that i’m a perfect singer.  May be, A reasonable singer, won’t be that much killing I believe 😜.   Actually I go mad with Hindi songs, though being a typical tamil girl. Tune and song all matters ,than languages and lyrics, what do you say? And I don’t have restrictions with the genres and ages. A good listener must be a critic of all generation songs.

When comes to tamil songs, I recommend Ilayaraja for old(preferably, a bit of classical blend) and Ar. Rahman for new. Both are the stalwarts of Indian music. I’m a proud Tamizhian.

3) Writing: I wasn’t that much frequent writer before. I all used to be a diary writer. 😁 (Hopefully, I succeeded in finding when I actually started) .  yeah!  A little bird is trained by its mother  A little writer is going to be trained by You people. ☺😊 (I believe).

4)whistling : Yeah, I do😉. It is often stated that being a girl, you should not whistle. May be, but can be whistled for that soothing sound transforming into a beautiful( who knows) song.I love to do always. Making use of things rightly is within Us. So , whistling at someone is ultimately wrong. It shouldn’t go that I’m supporting it. But whistling for an art is surely a gift. Only few can. Give a try if you wanna! May be a good exercise.😊

Nothing else! That’s it!! The thing is I don’t go into mastering things. Only when things get mastered, it is complete. (What’s for my philosophy😜😜😁!)

Journey all through the way with WordPress:

I heard of famous saying that

“When you wanna travel long distance, go with friends.

When you wanna achieve something,

Go all alone”.

I want it to be different, in the way, only WordPress can make it into different perspective –>I wanna travel long distance with strangers to inculcate, to cherish the culture, to enjoy the aroma of novice ideas, to nomad unstoppable, to elevate the fellow strangers as friends, as one Big Fam☺Ly, to be a part of someone’s happiness, to be an addict with WordPress notification ring( a bit too much ah!😀).. It all happens. I never chose to write About me before. Instead, I waited ,I waited to taste the flavour of high selected beans.  I tasted, felt its crust, enjoyed and loved to share with you and so Now i’m. WordPress is really a great spot to analyse who really we are!It’s is a new platform for me, so far so interesting. Keep supporting and help me to improve. Like I always say this journey in WordPress is really not a simplex communication ( Ece’an blood😜)  but a Full Duplex communication 😉 ( PS: you got me! Writing at the time of Computer Networks exam😜😜😜) where we exchange notions and emotions concurrently.  Stay tuned with me. Without you, My words become wordless. 

Tamil Nadu (TN) ,the state that gave me a place to live: 

Capital : Chennai.

I’m a proud girl of TN.   A state for Tamil (Language), A state for Tamizhians ( pronunciation comes into concern here). Tamizhians are such a great heart people who support and encourage all other cultured people without any difference of opinion.  That is why you can see many other state folks crowded here. I just go bonkers for the serenity of My Language Tamil.  I really need to introduce you people a little to the very ancient language Tamil.

TAMIZHL: (Wikipedia says)
* The ancient language, Our soul, was the first Indian language to be declared as a classical language, which the Government of India did in 2004 and one of the longest surviving classical language.
* It is the base language which gave birth to many sub languages. Perhaps, that’s why we call it as Thaai(mother) mozhi(language)  Mother tongue. I’m proud to hold Thaai(mother) in my name as well.
*A strong sense of linguistic purism is found in Modern Tamil.
*Tamil literature has a rich and long literary tradition spanning more than two thousand years.
These are just a prologue to my pure தமிழ். It is a language to be Googled .
Simply, it is a divinely linked language that goes with all rhythms and soothing tones.

 Tamil is such an esteemed language which we consider as mother, hence so the very first alphabet ‘அ’ stands for Mother. We believe the world revolves because of the power and hardships of Women. Women are portrayed as very predominant creations of God in many Tamil literature.

Thanks for coming in! That is it! I’m simple and straight forward. Well, I support people of any on my board.
I can’t assure that I’m a prolific writer .
But I’m a great supporter. I believe in wonders that words create.
All my thought is to “Stay calm! Be pious!! Be gentle”.
Let’s patronage each other.😊✋👍

This is not an end☺

Catch you all up soon! Stay blessed!😊

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  1. Hmm…You should make an about page. You are an interesting person and good author. You should make an about page so that we could learn more about you! BTW, Good blog, so thanks for the follow!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is so sweet of you. Only few make a point to come in and help for other’s growth. Good to have you on board. I just made a preview and intro in about column. I’m waiting for the day to create pages. Soon after the exams😊👍 Thanks a lot. So as yours! Thanks for the retaliation.
      I’m from Tamil Nadu. 🙂


      1. Wow! I love Tamil Nadu! I heard its a cool place! I guesses you might be from Tamil Nadu. You see, the word Saalai seems like tamil. Does Saalai mean road or something?? Anyway, Best of Luck for your exams. I’m sure you’ll do well with a great brain like yours.

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  2. Wow! How insightful you are! It is so great that you love Tamil Nadu. I wonder!! It is not a big issue to point out Saalai as tamil. But what makes me awakening is you are familiar with its meaning. I’m shocked !! Where are you from? This question is tempting me a lot since you go fantastic with Tamil.


  3. You are a star SKT…..yet extremely modest and humble…..let me just tell you that you do everyrthing that I love….your sketches are awesome….and violin- I think that’s the coolest musical instrument to set one’s hands on…..i wish I could hear you sing and play the violin….and your thoughts are worth the read…..always…love and luck.♡👍 :))

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Antra, my girl. I’m flying. As I told you already, I’m more like you (I smelt it already 😊). A big cheers👍✋. What actually defines one to be humble and modest?! If we realise and hold the sentence ” one day we gonna leave everything as such” in heart, we surely lose our weight. Violin is really a cool instrument but takes huge investment( hard work). Still I’m learning, just been a year. So don’t think I’m good at it.😉😊😁
      Surely, one day we meet up ,but not to hear me singing and playing (then you would pay for it😜😁).
      You are my first and best friend here. Thanks a lot .. You are already a star..😁😊

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  4. Lots of shared interests here. Writing, drawing and instruments strung like a violin. I play mandolin, but it is very similar, and without the bow. I’m very curious as to where you will take this as this was a fine introduction.
    Keep in touch!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot for stopping by. I wonder the spectrum of WP has! How great that people read the post till last and make efforts to come in and comment! Mandolin! More like guitar?? It is great to be involving in musical instruments.
      It is good to know we share similar interest. Thanks for your valuable comments. 🙂 we’ll be in touch.😊☺

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Mandolin is strung like a violin. Four sets of strings, E, A, D, G instead of 6 strings like a guitar. But you’re right, it is held more like a guitar when it is played. 😉

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  5. that was a long ‘about me’ read…but thoroughly enjoyed reading every line. I’d love to get to know you better, you seem such a wonderful combination of intelligence, cuteness and a little madness 😉 Overall, a friend in the making.
    I am Savio from Goa…for more, you will have to visit me on my blog 🙂
    I’m glad I hopped on to your space here 🙂
    Have a wonderful day ahead

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, hi savio. I’m extremely happy to know I made people enjoy while reading. Thanks ya, for reading such a big one.😊.. Im not sure whether the I’m the mixed combinations of all you mentioned, but I’m grateful that I made you to feel so. 😊😊😊😊..
      Great to have a friend from goa. Magic of WordPress. Sure, happy yo have on the team. Let’s March towards the world of intellects! (I already met and will be discovering many here)… Have a great day,friend. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Sure. That’s my duty and pleasure. Will check in and tell you.😊 I have read many a thing already from your blog. I wonder how a person could be this much deep into the topic! Also taken steps to comment on it many a time , sometimes my cell phone goes bad on it! Hence would come out of it.
    Keep going….😊👍


  7. Yes – to answer your question in the second paragraph – you made me smile. 🙂
    In the first paragraph, you may want to consider changing ‘bare with me’ (get naked with me) to ‘bear with me’ (be patient with me). You might also want to change ‘blow you’ (erm – rude meaning) to ‘blow your mind’ (impress or otherwise affect someone very strongly).
    If it’s any comfort to you – my Hindi is nothing to write home about and my Tamil is non-existent (and the same goes for Tamizhl). 🙂
    I totally love your philosophy: “Stay calm! Be pious!! Be gentle”.
    Thanks for sharing this LiTtle about you.
    Oh, and your artwork is exquisite!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. First of all, a big thank you for being the part of my growth. I could see how big hearted person you are! I’m happy for making mistakes and got corrected by you. After all, life is all about making mistakes. It’s a very great thing that you proofread my entire post. I may make grammatical mistakes. Help me to improve. So stupendous to catch you up here. Thanks for the follow. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re very welcome. I saw that you were a friend of good friend Zigyasa, who blogs on mySestina. I followed the link and found your delightful blog.
        I truly feel hesitant to correct someone, so thanks for taking it in good spirit. You must be a very enlightened soul to have such humility. There is a lot I can learn from you – yes? 🙂
        Kind regards – Robert (in York – England).

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That’s so nice of you. Hey, not at all. I must make you know why I actually joined blogging. Not only to share stuffs of mine (that’s the main reason, perhaps) but also to get learnt. I may not be right all the time. It would be so lame to travel on the same boat. I’m happy that I’m deviated from traveling through the same path. It is so nice of you. Only big people appreciate the beginners and push them to grow and I think you stand there. 😊 If my thought inspires you in anyway, surely you can learn. 😊
        (I’m already learning from you) . Thanks a lot once again.☺😊

        Liked by 1 person

      3. You are too kind and too sweet. 🙂
        I am learning all the time from such lightness of spirit that possess in abundance.
        Would it be interesting for me to translate what you say into English as I am accustomed to hearing it?
        For example, when you say ” I must make you know why I actually joined blogging.” it is more ‘normal’ to say ” I’d like to tell you why I actually started blogging.” What you say is perfectly understandable, and you spell each word correctly, it’s just that we don’t usually use that combination.
        Please tell me honestly (really honestly) how you feel when I tell you this. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  8. Very pleasure of following you today. The thing is , we aren’t native speaker and we used to hear all accent of English. That should be the reason. I’d like to tell you(😉), you made my day. Thanks!
    It would be so nice to learn on a daily basis😁😁. I tell you one more thing, you are typing big like me😂😂😂.


  9. Wonderful comments. Very good and excellent introduction. As you said it is not a “little intro” but very interesting and philosophical exploration in a very humble manner. Good keep it up. You are rocking

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I thought of making it big and bringing some contrary headings, so that it would be interesting to read. I’m so lucky to have followers who are concerned on me. They really don’t need to come in and make these wonderful comments for me but they did, shows their extreme benevolence. Thank you all. ☺


  10. wonderful intro 🙂 long, but didn’t get bored at all. 🙂 Got to know you now! 😉

    btw. small correction dairy vs diary 🙂 I think you used the other one instead. #honestfeedback 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so happy to know that you had a close shot on my writings. A great thanks! Will look into it! 🙂
      It’s long 😉 that’s why I waited these many days. 😊😊😊 Thank you so much for honest Feedback. I welcome it.

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Found my way here through another blog. Glad to have met you! Looking forward to exploring this space more… Cheers!
    Do visit my site when you have a moment… You might enjoy my TamBrahm posts 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot for paying a visit here! Surely! You know what, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I gave a shot over there a couple of second ago. It is amazing. Catch you there in comment 😜😀
      Thanks once again.


  12. Salaai Kamala Thaai !
    With the background of the meaning of your name that you want to convey, I feel you shall do justice to it, as your About says so. I am not putting anything new.
    Joining you in the Journey.
    Fond Regards,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Simple sentence embedded with rich meaning! That’s what my brain sensory said when I read your beautiful comment. I’m trying to lead life as per my name, with the blessings of people like you. Thanks a lot for taking efforts to see this budding blogger’s work. 😊☺ let this be a fantastic ride.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, I never knew that. Yes, you didn’t warn me😂. Otherwise, I would have been alert on that😂 .
      How generous are you to grant a tremendous option for one as a sign of reciprocation. That’s so great of you. I’ll do justice for the trust you had on me.☺

      Liked by 1 person

  13. Wow …you’re some talented lady …a wonderful intro …thanks for stopping by my blog I look foreward to following …you have some very interesting posts here …may you go from strength to strength:):):):):)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You have brought an interesting ideology over here that beautifies my page an extra. Turning over the pages are the application of cause and effect theory. Not all the pages have the same story! Each of the pages is integrated with one another. Hence I may choose Karma as my favourite😀 .
        It has taken a while for my comeback. Apologize.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. (smiling) Yes – karma is my favourite too. The things we write on this page influence both how the page is turned and what is written on the next one.
        Thanks for your reply – it was worth waiting for. 🙂
        Kindness – Robert.


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