Evolution of computer, revolution in internet and connectivity take the trading to a whole new level. Internet and shopping are now two eyes of us. One without the other is unimaginable. How e-commerce has changed the buying habits of consumers is what you still wonder in this century, you are in a right place. It just takes me overflowing stats, fancy terminologies and big names in the industry to brainwash or, precisely, to baffle you. Perhaps, I would do that later. But my concern is making readers realize the reach of e-commerce and how knowingly or unknowingly you are into it.


Kids are a valued customer anytime. Convincing them is cakewalk as that accounts for the victory of most of the marketing strategies when applied. My nephew asks me “Order me a robotic car”. “How irrelevant am I or what’s in it” if you ask me, just read that monogram once again. That single interrogation proves the ease, comfort, horizon and success of e-commerce. A 3 year old boy understands the concept of e-commerce. Instead of “buy or get me a robotic car” he uses “ORDER ME”. “ORDER ME” at last internet makes offspring obliged to elders. Sarcastic though. Gone are those days, where my mother would provide me all lovely stuffs just to go to a grocery shop and get her things done and now she has everything in her finger touch. Despite sounding evergreen, it lets us know e-commerce is deep rooted in our everyday life .When shopping is within four walls and malls, the extent is limited. Whereas, there is a seamless range of online commodities and kids find it attractive and engaging. As a result, parenting is tough now. The craving for wanting more and more leaves contemporary kids unsatisfied despite being bestowed in abundance. And that is not a healthy sign of growing. I remember all stars in my father’s eyes whenever he gets nostalgic about few good dresses he would get during festival time and that too he had to safeguard until he gets a better one. He would also say me house were meant for people those days unlike for things today. That is where I visibly see a sheer line of difference in evolvement of kids then and now. They were happy as kids and kids now are dejected perpetually.


On a positive note, modern education is where e-commerce brings visible paradigm shift. There is no compromise in quality rendering and to the access. Apart from regular studies, many high quality institutes and companies tie up with e-commerce companies and render professional skill sets as a package to students as per their interest at an affordable cost. There by, even as children, they are exposed to wider and clarity vision as to discover their field of interest and progress with relevant field of study in future. E-commerce in education is a solution to existing unemployment and unprofessionalism problem.


Success of e-commerce lies in making everyone well informed of actual happenings. Next to kids, marketing tactics are mostly targeted on women and are 90% successful. When women are in group, the major subject of the talk will be about shopping, commodities, comparisons and gossips. Again, the ease, affordability and attractive offers in online trading uproot the nature of purchase on the whole in my opinion. At some point in time, we would have thought how come such incredible offers were made possible and automatically our mind would have performed super computers’ comparative calculations with the commodities of local shops available. Whoever is victorious at the end sways the heart of the women and having said that, the standalone e-commerce companies’ net profit proves who is victorious. It increases purchasing power of women than men at a greater scale. The EMI facilities add fuel to it. Necessity and purchase have no value now. Everybody is driven to purchase beyond their need and capacity. That in turn develops internal changes such as stress, frustration, anxiety and addiction. Those days, only when we step out of house we would be tempted to buy things. But the “just one click” concept makes people of these days lazy and addictive to buying. I troll whenever my sister keeps saying “I will never ever take a look at online shopping” as she is a shopaholic. On a serious note, the musing of where it drives me is scary. But then, a must to mention thing is, e-commerce brings a breakthrough for homemakers or women who are restricted to venture outside world. The concept of taking their tamed talents to a business talk is only because of the revolution in e-commerce. That makes them financially independent and confident in dealing life.

IMPACT OF e-COMMERCE IN BUYING HABITS OF CONSUMERS AS A WHOLE Right from getting variety of local and global foods, grocery items, organic products, movies to premium dog, cat, even ant (not to wonder) food packages. What not can we find in online purchasing? There is always a space for consumer to have a wide range of comparative study and best in the market. E-commerce made farmers and consumers to meet. The farmers’ lifestyle is improved and consumers get organic products. On coming to filming, the theatre effect is brought at home. There is a freedom of being ourselves at home at affordable pricing. The big shots like Netflix, Amazon prime and YouTube premium take the watching experience to a peak. Lofty choices of genres and contents are more than to ask for.


E-commerce succeeds in creating momentary happiness in consumers and that keeps it going unstoppable. As there is always two sides in a coin, e-commerce is the greatest invention of all time ,at the same time, greatest curse. As long as one is aware of what their boundary is in respect to self realization and in and out of what e-commerce is and how it works and what makes it unshakable, one will be on right track.

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