One sided window – PART 2

The room was now left only with me, my 1st nephew and that one sided window from where it all started. Photons of sun rays tangled with hot balls of fire were beaming fiercely through that window, aggravating the agony and turning us a bit intolerant.

I started first in a non friendly tone. “You can’t do this to your brother. He is still a baby, soft and feeble. What happens if..”

He interrupted “He was the one who instigated all this.”

“You should have reacted much more politely”, my voice rose.

“How many times would I be calm?” he in a much higher tones than mine.

We are one typical Indian family: even the youngest of the family members never gives up when it comes to argument. Argument prevailed until I dominated, put him in my control and turned it to one woman talk show. For whatsoever reasons, at the end of the day bigger ones will bear the blame ceremoniously; whereas the younger ones will enjoy the luxury of compassion even though they being the sole problem creators most of the time.

Being myself the youngest in my family, I admit that younger ones do have special attention. Say, if you, a 2nd one, fetches a tumbler of water to quench your thirst , to your luck someone of your family coughs and sees you coming with water at the time, that is all enough. You will become the celebrated hero throughout the day. Whether 1st ones know these knacks or isn’t been highlighted? , I don’t know. It is their hard luck is what I understand.

It was my 1st nephew’s hard day too. Showers of advice were poured over him by me at a flamboyant pitch. He had no other option than to listen. All of a sudden, strings of shock were running through my spine. That sheer act of vengeance spoke volumes of anger. Ambience changed, that one sided window didn’t help this time and moreover it was accurately aimed. Eyes had so much aggression that could cease anybody instantly. Hands seemed as the consolidation of powerful metals in the world. Legs were unstoppable. When I realized what had happened, I couldn’t keep laughing amidst the pain.

My 2nd nephew had complained to granddad just as he frightened us before. Granddad had consoled him and made him to change his mind. After having loads of fun with granddad, he had returned in search of us, seen us fighting (it seemed to be so for him) and assumed that something wasn’t fine with both of us. His anxiety had created butterflies inside him. It should have been too tough for him to choose between his own brother and only aunt. He was after all just a 2 and half year old boy, what else could he do!

That true blood didn’t allow his brother to let loose. He had applied all his prior fighting experiences on me to save his brother. I was totally awed by his deep sense of possessiveness as only for him, we were arguing. I guess you remember me saying “younger ones know all knacks to melt people”, but now only I realize even his own brother with whom he fights so deadly is of no exception in falling to his insightful plays.

Lessons to take off: 1) shouldn’t interfere in siblings’ quarrel even when they try all efforts to put you in. lest, you will be fooled at the end.

2) How infectious the anger is! We let loose them as children and fight in front of them. But on understanding to how much extent it can influence their tiny little heart, it scares me so much!

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