Innocence sways the heart

​Grandpa and grandson go for a grocery shop,by walk on a pathway. Grandson being so excited, pours breathless questions to grandpa on whatsoever that takes his attention . For he is the grandpa, he practices patience on answering. Suddenly for a minute, the boy turns calm and looks indifferent. 

Grandpa: what has gone wrong?

Grandson: (pointing at a group)who are they?

Grandpa: oh, is that what caught your attention? They are abandoned paupers. If you don’t obey your parents’ word,  they will get you and even dare to eat you.

Grandson: *panicked*( but managed to put another question)  why do they look terrible? Won’t their mama drag them and apply boring oil on their scalps just like how my mama does to me even when I cry at thunderbolt. 
Grandpa:My dearie, only when you grow up and life instances knock you, you’ll feel the pain and contemplate things. ( grandson gives a double blink and this time he chooses to remain silent.  Grandpa finally feels contented of outwitting and gets him the favorite chocolate for not to disappoint him anymore).

(The next day, grandson came gasping all the way to his grandfather)

Grandson: you are so right, grandpa.

Today I’m grown. I got hurt in my hand and I felt the pain. It just happened as you told

( Just when the sarcastic smile extends on the oldie’s face from all corners, the boy naively continues, letting the grandpa know that he hasn’t finished).

Grandson: (starting from the first) I’m grown. I got hurt in my hand and I feel the pain. You were so right about what you said yesterday. I come to contemplate that the pain of getting hit on the same wound  while dressing up, bathing, playing and all my course of time is more painful than the actual wound itself.

(Grandpa was transfixed by the insight instilled in the small child). Grandpa rewinds the scenario once again and realizes that the paupers are not the paupers by themselves. 

They would have restored the normalcy, If not for the hard repetitive thumps of the society even when they already were sinking in the pains of failure.

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