Paradoxical world of odds

Hello friends! Today, I have something for you. Not really new, but new. Confused?😉
Okay, I’ll straight away come to the point.
Below is the link of my very first post. I’m not sharing it again for publicity or fame. I have done some modifications and added many a new point.
Perhaps, at least to understand whether my prospect is right! The abstract is an open analysis on Few in Many.  It is something that has to be seriously taken to next level since it has given some throw on society of today. I can say it is the topic to be discussed. This post can be read by any new fellow followers or even the bloggers who have read it already, since it has the chance of giving new meaning of living.

Click here :
Thanks in advance for putting up with me 😉😀😊


3 thoughts on “Paradoxical world of odds

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  1. Oh yeah, a man of Dharma is a strange bird, often so far out ahead of the masses to be misunderstood. But when understood and comprehended, usually the one most quoted and emulated as well.

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