A silhouette leaf


After disheartened by the darkness of ignorance,
I’m into the scour of all my broken pieces of identity!
It is just by the lustre you showered behind from me,
As like a mom nurturing the amorphous baby in the womb of darkness.
( prompt : Zero Creativity)
(Image source: Zero Creativity)


41 thoughts on “A silhouette leaf

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  1. Hi antra,
    It is good to see here😊. If there is any other word for Thank you, I would say you million times.
    I’m getting amazed to see your comments each time on my place. Thanks a lot for making such a beautiful comment😘😊💙.

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    1. Your words are soo beautiful that I cant help a comment….you know there are times when I only want to read and dont want to say anything about it (i know that is lazy/weird or whatever you may call it) but you are one of those few writers whose words push me to say what I felt about it and it is always great ♡👍

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      1. I’m already wetted with your showery words. You are such a great motivator 😊. See, this one piece of comment is all enough to understand how deeply you can root into one’s heart with your igniting words. There she stands, my girl. I’m very blissful to have such a great comment from such a loving person. Thank you for taking your time to write for this girl on the some other side of India. 😊😊😊😊
        Sorry for the very belated reply since I had exams.

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      1. Your welcome!
        On a different note:
        I’ve walked out on a limb and nominated you for the 3-day quote challenge (day 1)! Yay!!
        Do check out my post and find your nomination there. I am so looking forward to reading your take on all this soon! 🙂

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  2. This is such a beauty! In few lines that run deep i derived imagery that i had never seeked. Loved it! Quite in awe of your work ! – Cezane

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