The typical two Indian characters

​The screeching sound of rusted and dusted fan, the harsh piercing beams of the sun, the thunderbolt song of a hen, nothing, nothing could break the silence of her pleasant sleep accompanied with luxurious dream than the lamentation of her mother close to her ears. When she  tried to pay attention to her mom’s morning auspicious words(sarcasm), she caught up with the word”Bank”. (Note: no way it is related to demonetization of Rs.500 or 1000).   Every Indian will know the exact feeling I’m talking about soon after hearing the word ” Bank “. Anyway, let me explain why. If you want your job to be done in any banks, either you must have reference or atleast stylish English accent. So be knowing that in India bankers always have welcoming reputation among public all time.

She already had some bad experiences in banks, as there was no assurance of her returning time. Time is precious they say, it should be that their teachers had never taught them about it . leave it, there is no essence in speaking about it. So she wasn’t prepared to go, but you see, Indian moms are more powerful than you think😝. She and her family finally reached bank striving against pollution.  Pollution, if you google “what is India all about” these would be the end result.  I dreamt and I’m dreaming for my country to be known for its richness in culture, tradition, moralities and untamed mysterious. Ironically, trending  says it different, that too in negative aspects.

Her place of living is less advertised or promoted since it is just below the alarming rate of pollution. Wait to be heard soon, days are not too far away😉.

She or her family was quite clever that they had known how to deal with the bankers. Their work hardly or at the maximum lasted for just half an hour. That seriously has to be applauded people.

In the meantime of their work, coincidentally they met their old neighborhood on the same spot. After all, public places are meant for that.

How would be your reaction when you had a chance to meet your old friend?

I guess, you would be fathomlessly talking until someone pushed you both out. But this guy, avoided his eye contact with them, as if he met something weird or something that should not be met. The harmonious family smelled the situation and as an act of respecting him, they too moved away. That is where nature comes into picture. Anyways, if the day was destined to be met and spoken, there were no other ways left out.

They both were standing back to back on the counter and this time avoiding eye contact served no purpose. The guy exaggerated his emotions only upto his turn in the counter. After that, he waved them an abrupt bye which they found little insulted.  They are harmonious family as i told you before, so they didn’t give an extra thought about it.

Nevertheless, nature seemed to leave them never. That guy was again so unfortunate to come in contact with them. This time, she (our character) found something unusual or strange or outlandish(whatever).  The conversation between them seemed to stop right at the moment it had started, but it wasnt as soon as She heard her father saying to him that his(guy) posts in fb were so informative and productive. She was surprised to see two oldies united offline because of online😂😜 .  She couldn’t hold her breath and interrupted and soon joined their conversation. Now the conversation went between the girl and that greedy guy. The topic was over ripened as time flew, at one point of time, the guy forgot all his ego and started turning on the data, sharing all his recent updates on fb to that girl. Poor guy, didn’t know she was the master of all social networking sites. He was kept on talking (boasting) as if it was a big deal to switch on the net, give a “useless share”  on the social sites and acquire heartless likes and comments.

She felt saying ” that’s your limit. Hold on. I have already wasted 15 minutes talking to you. Just stop and maintain respect for your age”. But,To whom she can say, The girl remained helpless.  She was looking randomly here and there in the same way he treated her family once, but mannerless guy, still was boasting himself without caring of whether she was listening or not. Anyhow, she managed to escape. But don’t you see the ugly sides of human here?

When the true relationship failed to sustain the conversation, the faking social networking sites took the throne.  What is the use, there is hell of faking in the talks.

That “SHE”can be  ME, YOU OR THE WHOLE INDIA and the same holds for that “GUY” too. It is in our hands to decide who we have to be like.

My opinion is all connections have  incredible values, because it is not easy to get to know the entire world, if you read mine, you were destined with some connections. Connections are unique and please pay some respect to the connection and get out of that illusionary world. Be happy, stay blessed.

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