Paradoxical world of odds

What if all folks are same,except few?That’s the context. So here the analysis…

The almighty has created the earth with such a generous heart. Right?
Rich in colors,royal creations, diverse thoughts, unique cultures, profound languages, unmatchable acoustics, flamboyant shades of eyes, ……..
Above all to this , he has also been so generous in dumping one with extreme innocency and the other with extreme brutality and sarcasm . (have you ever thought about it?!)
Anyway, I’m so grateful for his grace all day, hope that you too. 🙂 😉

I’m a girl who is actively preoccupied with myriads of thoughts( Like you writers 😀) . It’s from adoring the varieties of people,creatures,thoughts,nature,technology to morality of life…For instance,many a time,when i come off from my house , all I could see around is fast moving objects like thunder and lightening. I would end up with a question “where and for what these people are running (sometimes,includes me too, in the sense, where am I going and for what)?
Give a cognitive philosophy here!
See,there was a time when people ran to fill their stomach. But,at this so called “modern world”, it’s all with money .The fact is that,at the very beginning, we’ll have some start up to prepare ourselves to take that one giant leap. What’s after that?! Well, we’ll slowly start to save whatever we earned. Then? As days cross by, we’ll squeeze our brain day and night to preserve it . Nevertheless, at one point, we’ll desperately culminate our living without even experiencing a life with it.
(Isn’t it something a serious issue that must seek an attention ?).
The terrible irony is that, though it’s structured as the processes like earning,saving and preserving, we fail to notice the word “enjoyment”.
(Don’t know, at least this plenty of money encircled with, will people be enjoying by having a glimpse at it instead of giving a thought of methodological saving ).
So, what is the present scenario?
The world enjoys only those who act or react in the way that one wants. If that gets into sync , we’ll term our relationship by the most  powerful word called”Friendship“. Sorry folks, understand that it’s “Selfish“.
(Isn’t it a new topic that has ever been heard of?!)
So now Imagine, if the whole world start to form a gang of “selfish”(addressed as common man as from now),how will be the man of dharma treated? (addressed as HE in some part of this). If you are an optimist, you would end up saying ” No Way”.
Well, let me give you a choice then, if you are transfixed!
1) will you say HIM Lame?!
2)will you tag HIM as an unpractical man?!
3)Unfit to live?!
Whatever, It is for sure there would be crowded thoughts pouring negatives on him!
( but, let me tell you, it is not an Utopian world! It’s his world of purity).
So now , That will be highly a paradoxical conflict, right?
If you can’t keep him straight among the common people, so here are his characteristics.
He is distinctive among mob,harmless and believes that every progress of him is because of the Supreme over him. Whereas, the common people believe that it’s all because of them the world runs.
Hope now you can differentiate the two extremes of the world.( nothing in between if you have a close shot at your ambience). The thing is, there are only few who fit into the tag “Man of Dharma” . So, my question is how can he survive amongst the others?!
Let me register my answer. (Surely, you can also join the analysis).
It’s purely up to both of the extremists to live in their choice until it intertwines either of them. When common man touches the space of man of dharma, there develops envy, complexity ,hatred and finally The man of dharma will be thrown to isolations only because he doesn’t fit into their standard of living.
Rethink for a second. Only for this,did we win among millions of sperms and take a birth???The stuffs that we have given much priority will be understood as utter waste and it will soon vanish and the matter of priority at the time of death will only be “HEAVEN OR HELL”.
So, the point I make here is ,”
Do a little sharing,stay positive.Be calm at victories as did for failures.Stay awakened by the truth that everything you do is not really YOU do.It’s the play of god….
:-D..Let this be a good beginning in my voyage of writing. 🙂


15 thoughts on “Paradoxical world of odds

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  1. You are really thinking…….Liked your analysis… Keep never ends here…what you have started now is an exercise which will keep you going further ahead… Happy journey!

    just got reminded of an interpretation read online …check it if u have time-for its li’l long….Original author unknown ….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading! Well said, the act of writing is not something that can come up just like that. Surely, it is going to take to the world that has never been ventured before.
      The journey so far is ecstatic than I thought. I’m so happy that you could correlate with other’s work ..I’ll surely give my read .. Thanks a lot for suggesting it.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice Written.In the world of materialism everyone is turning the artificial ring no one has real.If we start looking in the happiness at even small work we do ,it will give inner satisfaction.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s the world today. So commercialized everywhere. Only expectations make us to sustain our friendship in present situation.
      Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thought. It’s the point to be considered. Happy blogging!

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  3. Words of wisdom SKT…..its marvellous to see someone of my age take up serious and profound topics like these… your enriched vocabulary adds to the charm of this place…..I wish I could think and write the way you do…..but I’m sure with someone as motivating and warm as you that would be possible soon….wish you all the luck and success girl♡👍 keep going :))

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hey antra,
    By saying this “someone of my age” don’t ever think that you can fade and hide all your sparkling blooms ,because you are meant to shine always as like Diamond. I have seen many of your posts dealing with frictions of life and issues dug from the earth. Only you can do it my girl.
    We both are there for one another. That’s a very awesome feel. Sure you’ll see tremendous success in life…😘😘😘😘😘.
    Stay happy:)


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