Digging the nostalgic past:

Everyone will have a great fun for hearing stories than experiencing it.That too,the past stories of one’s parents.ah!The best treat one could ask for in their life.The good thing is that we’ll understand different stages of life,lifestyle,age behaviours…It really provides a space between a parent and their offspring to interpret freely and a better understanding of them.It’s never an exception for me too.I love travelling,more specifically with my dad.Never a doubt,i’m a dady’s girl.Why it’s been that much interesting means there aroused a necessity to recapture all happenings of their life only by memories and  crowding pictures in their eyes.It was not like today.90’s+, are exposed and equipped well with top class gadgets around them ultimately to register every precious moments in one’s walks of life.
Schooling is the best part of one’s life.The time may change,code of conduct may change..But,the memories of schooling will remain indelible.
What if we accidentally see one of our friends or enemies or whoever it is,ages after??This happened a few weeks before to my father.So,here it is.
Imagine a man in a society of top decorum  consisting of high valued customers and western cultured workers,where he is assigned as a relationship and processing manager.He goes through many customers.One such day,there comes a customer in a quality dress with hi-fi behaviours ,talking to one of the coworkers of him in a completely silent hall. No one has dare to read even the customer’s name.  But,This man on the other end,pronounces the customer’s name at a high pitched voice in an emotion of seeing his old school friend after 45 years. The irony is this man used to forget things. But blown out the   45+ years old name,without a moment of thinking.  What to call this! Okay,back to the story.  Everybody around him was transfixed to hear it.But see the reciprocation of the customer. He with a faint and doubtful look ,uttered the man’s name.Guess what next!
Both forget the ambience .Started to rewind all frivolous pranks they had,sharing their gang members details where they could sort out for few of their friends.Rest of their friend’s life remains still anonymous.There,I realised the heights of our technologies of today.We are blessed to be in touch with our schoolmates. Friendship is one which can’t be bought with money  🙂


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