Voyage through the eyes, A story of YOU.

​Close the shutter of your eyes,

Shield the ears with your palms,

Now listen,

Listen to you,

Not really you,

But your true self.

It is already ready in position,

Position to punch,

A Punch strong enough to quench

The appetite of hatred.

Now you,

You have felt You,

Not you,

But the true YOU off the screen.

It suffices.Now

Heave up the shutter of your eyes ,

Downgrade the shield of your ears.

Your eyes must be ignited by now

Your numb hands must be knuckled by now.

Look at the world,

Look at the person in front

Who kindled the gentleness 

And the tranquillity in you.

How you feel?

Scorching or softened?


Forgive them, 

Forgive for the one final time,

Not by Mercy

But by the point of consideration.

Consideration that they

Don’t deserve the punch.


When the one final time fails,

Tune to your true self again.

This time, not to forget

To Enthrall your true self

With the random acoustics

Of the one big punch

Straight on the face.

Again turn to your true self,

Not for listening

But for witnessing

How ecstatic your true self is!

Hand shake with the true YOU,

Now you can claim

That true you is YOU truly.

By Now,You know, your true self

Is always so true.


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