Please save the dying one, it’s in your hand

Me: “Hello, xxxxx(my friend)”

“Contact her home number, dear. ”

“Uncle, could you please say her home number”

“9********7 “(dialected in tamil)

“Hello, uncle”

Complete nonchalance for Few minutes . Again,

“9********7” (this time in English)

It was like a straight hit on my face, stabbing me in a slow motion with a sharp knife. Albeit the few moments conversation, it reaped himalayan message to me. I was kept on pondering why he(the uncle) modulated it to the 2nd language and what made him to do so. I was engulfed with a tinge of guilt for couple of days. Then, it died of. The day before yesterday I looked over the followers list and kept on thinking whose could be read and ended up with radhikasreflections. I liked many of her posts among them there was a post that caught my attention quite deep. 

Simple words route deep into heart. Simple key unlocks complicated knots of life.

It was about linguistic discrimination.  It added an extra oil to my burning thoughts. I voiced back through comments.The emotions I refrained were all poured onto her post at a time and drained once for all. Now today, when I switched on the TV , the blockbuster movie “7aam arivu” (7th sense)  was relied eventually. This film was powerful enough to  kindle all the calmed down words and thoughts once again and guess where would I be landed? WordPress.


Note: This isn’t written in the motive to record my views about the film but definitely will recommend you to see this film once in a life time. Perhaps, can be taken in the way how we humans lost our color, how we forgot our conventions and as a result, where have we turned now by subjagating our pure LANGUAGE. Let that “language” be your mother tongue. I pour out here for my beautiful Tamizhl language. Please don’t mistake me and term me as “phonetically fanatic”. I’m one in you who is withered by lively witnessing the erosion of one’s own mother tongue. 


Innoru vaati en Tamizhlla korangu nu sollu, kudupen vaailayae ( if you dare to utter tamil as apes, you’ll be facing my hands in the next moment)

This is my most favourite dialogue from the film said by Shruthi hasan(actor) when the “English speaking Assumed Indian intellect” brings an analogy to tamil with apes. 

 The film has reinforced and unveiled two truths in this story which I’m not going to reveal now.  Before that, answer yourself the following questions.

1) who are you? What’s your native?

2)what do you speak?

3) what’s your parents’ name and their native?

4) what do they speak?

Quite simple right? Now watch out.

5)how well do you know about them and their native? 

Atleast yours????……. No? 

6) any idea about your ancestors?  

Like, your origin, speciality…anything.. Not even one?????

Questions are very eyewashing, right. Yeah, answering wouldn’t have been that easy I guess( I too suffered).

Well, this was the one truth the film worked so hard to convey the people like us. We the selfish giants have killed the history of our families’ origin and ancestors’ existence, that as a result, we lost the stalwarts of our nation forever .

This film was on air in the year 2011. It is too late to share my views, but then the crux I wanted to express remains same any time.

Bodhidharman, the preacher of dharma was the founder of martial arts. Martial arts, sound familiar ? Chinese art forms?  (This is where we adopted our heritage of India to China. No harm in it. It is because we the Indians have erased the INDIAN LEGEND’s existence  by formating once for all).

  • Do you noticed the word “INDIAN LEGEND??” yes , the founder of martial arts was an Indian, a pure south Indian that too from kanchipuram.
  •  He was the heir of pallava king who moved to China in 5 or 6th century.
  • He expanded his knowledge by sharing it with others. 
  • He was fondly called as “DaMo in China”.
  • After his obituary, he lived in all parts of China in the form of statues.
  • Sadly, we Indians, we south Indians, we tamizhians know nothing about him. Whereas, they worship him.

I didn’t say. Film says. Google it and you’ll be astounded by words of it. 

The second thing the film wanted to and succeeded in conveying was how the chameleons in the form of humans consider their own mother tongue cheap and dare to throw it to bins and sell their ideas and creativity to dictators of foreign land. 

Another firing dialogue by Actor surya. Munaadi avan oorlathan adichaan. Ipo namba oorukae vandhu nambalaiyae azhikaran. ( once tamizhians were slewed in other countries. But Now they all come at our own land and kill us here. )

 He played dual role as bodhidharma and contemporary circus artist. He was so apt for the role of bodhidharma. He was divinely charismatic.  A big salute has to be given to the director of the film Mr.A.R.Murugadas, who came up with such an intriguing story. 

So lot to say about the film, but it isn’t my motive. Language that is my talk here. mother tongue, the essence.

Every language has an extravagant beauty that nobody can deny it. Unmatured will object it, who are our centre of attraction in this post. Being the citizen of a country hasnt given a common man a liscense to pollute, spoil and assail the unpolluted language. We are living in a Democratic country where people are grown to celebrate the foreign language whereas never have taught the Highness of our language.  

A boy in a speech competition gave a goosebumps speech, the result is rejection for having not asked permission to speak in Tamil. How outlandish is that? To speak his own language that too in its own origin and his own state, he had to ask permission !To whom sir,then? 

 I agree India is a diverse country, but not in its own state.  If this continues, where is the possibility of its very own existence? 

It has become a sign of fashion and trend. God! Where is our maturity gone? There is where we should raise against, not for “Ajith Vs Vijay” or “Salman Vs SRK”.

We are murders of Our own kind. You don’t need to be so scholarly in your mother tongue, I implore you, atleast drop a few tears when someone tears your language into pieces, atleast respect, atleast teach your child your language, atleast support the one who volunteers to speak, atleast die if you can’t do neither of these before assassinating the pureness of our language . 

 Love all the languages for their amazing creations. Have a spacious heart to accept things. Be spiritful. Simple!

My words would take next form if I dont stop here. Anyhow, the crux is learn to revere the language for its brilliance and unshakable form. Dear brethren and sisters, ladies and gentlemen ,

Save your language that has taught you to let a word to the world.


14 thoughts on “Please save the dying one, it’s in your hand

Add yours

    1. See where are we standing? Begging people to love their own language.
      As you said, it is our responsibility to spread the fragrance of the language to the world. And you have already started to spread by refined words in your blog. Keep going.
      Thank you for your comment.

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Of course prinku… We can’t deny the fact that languages are the creations of some little “extra” ordinary stalwarts. We haven’t even moved a piece for the wonderful creations, atleast We can shield it from the venomous creatures of the world.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Most people are still victims of slave mentality that’s why they take pride in talking in English .. hope you have seen the movie kattradhu Tamil. English has become the global language and the one that helps us communicate globally eg: your post itself is in English. Thirdly the child spoke in a competition so when you participate it means you have agreed to go by their conditions it’s his fault he didn’t know about the language rules . Tamil is the language which has the most literary works than any other language but will it help one to earn his bread . I love the language more than anything else but practically it doesn’t help me earn my bread . The Tamil you speak today is not original Tamil moreover Tamil doesn’t help you in any way once you leave Tamil Nadu.. that’s the truth

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Beautiful. And thank you atleast you pin pointed the questions which I expected to be asked by the readers.
      Answer to the very first statement: (I sincerely pay my gratitude to this question) my post is in English, but why? Because I had a strong and deep desire or wish(whatever) to spread a word or message on love for the native language to the world. If I wanted to spread to four groups of native speaking people, I would take privilege to pour my emotions in my own tongue. Instead, I just kept a request to all the multi diversified people to respect their own language. ( I had spoken tamil in first preference since that Is my native language, if yours is English, you can obviously speak the best for your language).
      Next, you made a good observation over to my post. Since my context is all about “respect to mother tongue” I left all other less important points which included the rule that the competition could be carried over either in English or Tamil. (_/\_)(That RULE alone is piercing my eyes till date).
      All you said is realistic and practical, I agree. That speaks out the truth. But what I insist is respect for its marvelous creation. If it doesn’t fetch a morsel, should it be devastated? Why do you think the language isn’t powerful enough to buy a piece of bread? (You know, that was the talk in the post). Because WE eroded it completely, we destroyed the platform that was meant for walking with Tamil and raised flyovers trespassing all other languages except the native one.
      I’m not against English(if so I would not be writing this in another awesome creation). At the same time, Having high eloquence in English doesn’t outline one as gloomy and rich. This is absolute misconception which I wished to make people understand through this post.
      And last, I dream atleast (ATLEAST) in Tamil Nadu it serves its purpose (I’m not that greedy to envisage the entire world speaking my tamil language).


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