The Untold story of Thala

So much to go, so much to learn” is what your musings right now, let me suggest you all in one package”Ms.Dhoni, The untold story“.  

Bandwagon biopic. For the past two months,this biopic occupied a big talk among all the die hard fans irrespective of their ages. Believe me or not, this film literally united two colossal intense actor fan sects:Ajith vs Vijay (Tamil nadu)  to sing together the prodigies of our Indian cricket team’s identity Mr.Mahindra Singh Dhoni(MSD) because he has become someone so close to the hearts of TN after captaining CSK(CHENNAI SUPER KINGS) team with a slogan “chennai super kings Ku periya whistle adinga” (uproar your whistles for CSK).

 Tender young cheeks were roaring “Thala Da” (Thala infers to head in tamil.As is the head for human, so as the Dhoni for them). Fb feeds were tired of loading the images, videos, hashtags , likes, comments, emoticons.. Whatsapp was so busy in sharing and the phones were running out of storage. Throats of shrunken skins were dried of saliva. Newspapers made a big profit by engraving every minute stroke of the Legend MSD. Huge buzz and agitation all around that even kindled the normal beings to look forward to the movie. My illiterate brain popped a query “why is such a craze just for a movie?”  So, I too was no exception in looking forward to the film.I eventually or fortunately (whatever)  had a chance to see it. Ah, that’s why elders say one can’t plan for unexpected.So, here is the movie from my perspective.

I personally love this movie for having smashed the long established under statement “It all happens only in movie” to “it had happened in real life too”.  It is asusual 3 hours movie full of inspirations with cinematic touches here and there. Placing the World cup final scene at the very start of the film served the purpose. The film caught the audience’s attention there itself. Dragging back to flash back held a knot there.  It picturized the life of a middle class nuclear family with a strict father, pious mother, naughty brother and lovable sister. The first half dealt with how Ms.Dhoni was in state to prove his talent to his pampering father. It was a bit filmy and dramatic, but then I  understood how difficult is to grasp the essence and make into a scene. Three scenes were so magnetizing and pushing tears out of the eyes. One described the quality friends he was bestowed with,  second  is the acting of “Reel yuvraj Singh” and the third portrayed the pain of walking on the lava under forced circumstances  I.e) the pain of leaving the passion and running the mundane life for a morsel. The scene where he sits isolated, rethinks his lost passion and makes a daring decision to run for his passion, beautifully and phenomenally registered the wavering minds of youths like us. Sushant’s composed acting has taken him to someother level.At one point of time, my eyes were cheating myself and playing a tricky game whether he was actual Dhoni or just The Reel Dhoni.

 He made the spectators to travel with him. I read somewhere that he was the 7th rank holder in India’s toughest entrance exam JEEE. This should be the reason why the director of the film had chosen him for the lead role as he was also the one who backed off the rat race and pursued his passion like Dhoni. I was in awe when he perfectly imitated all the minute mannerisms of MSD.  He burned hard to bungee jump from all the critics. Such a dedication! I started to have a huge reverance for him after knowing the efforts he had invested to make the film a big hit.

But I waited for the very indigenous gesture of Dhoni’s style of using gap filler”you Know” at each and every sentence with an innocent shoulder shrug, which was completely forgotten to picturize. In the second half, he proved his father not all the time books pay the bills. Full of success stories then. Involving two love stories were like the meal at the hook of the fishing rod to attract fishes, quite Cinematical, but then, not bad. The end could have been more intricate by show casing aftermaths of the World cup match as we all, the true bleed blue fans, knew what actually happened in finals and there could have also been few words from the maestro, which really disappointed me.  Critics will be criticizing  always. Let it be.

The Crux of the story inspired billions and billions. I’m one in the billions.And the film has won the battle, sushant has swayed the hearts of many and the Legend MSD again proved he is the REAL THALA OF ALL TIME.  Enga Thala dhoniku periya whistle adinga. 

On the whole, I loved it like everyone. Mammoth tribute to MSD.


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    1. Great! Though there wasn’t deliberate naughtiness, it was here and there. Acting as if he was studying for a long time when his dad comes.
      Perhaps, usage of word “naughtiness” can be replaced by “shrewdness”.
      Thank you for your comment:)


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