Starvation is cruel

​Pride in pain As 

the babies let its maiden cry.

Starvation is cruel!

Mother flutters its feather and

Brings beak full of worms, But

Wrings in lost hope As

There were no generations to eat,

As The babies became prey to prey of some other creature,

That’s why I said Starvation is cruel!


Mother enjoys the pain as she hears the reward after her struggle which is the birth of her babies. The babies make their first cry and are starving thereby I confirm the readers that is the relationship between a mother and her babies.

“Mother flutters its feather” here I make the reader precise that the scenario runs between Mother bird and its babies. The mother bird takes its flight to bring food for its new borns and returns with beak(confirming for the 2nd time) full of worms. But to her disappointment, she finds none to eat the dish she brought(all were dead in the mean time). Those babies were eaten by someother creature to quench its hungriness. That’s why starvation is cruel. Starvation holds no sentimental attachments.


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