Growing old

Chithi…. (Aunty)”

T​here comes an exuberant thrill when you are called by your neice or nephew as aunt. On the extreme corner heart engulfs a fear which ejects a ray of thoughts “You are growing. You are becoming old. You aren’t a child anymore. ” 

Times have changed where you once addressed someone as aunt and now you are being called the same by someone else. It had taken these many years to wait for someone to call me to realize that I have grown. It isn’t all about maturity. It is about how well we are equipped as time drifts on.  There is a huge generation gap after the advent of technology. When I was afraid to let a word out in his age, he entertains people by mono acting the famous movie dialogues. Children are well directed these days by parents.

They learn alphabets and big words in pre-school itself. Parents form a systematic schedule to look after their ofspring.

One runs behind a child in the morning to brush up, shower, dress up, while the other dumps food in the mouth, grabs and put on the bag at the back and drops in school. In the eve, again dressing up, feeding , packing snacks, grabing the bags back and rushing to tuitions or any academies.  If it is a nuclear family, the state of parents is terrible to imagine. Have to have their newborn on the one hand and the bigger one on the other and have to run their tiresome life until they both grow. Monotonous. Oh yes, this is where I started. GROWTH.
Parents care and pour love and affection that transforms to pampering their children too much. I realize how my mother ran behind every stage of mine! If she wasn’t there, I would be doing something else, I wouldn’t be writing for sure because she was the one who taught me A,B,C,D to APPLE, BAT,CAT,DOG.  I had a different track. She straightened me up. But as said already, it has taken these many years to realise. 

No matter how well you are engaged during your childhood, it all needs a routine. If you have no routine, then it’s like tasting a bit of every part of life without filling your empty hungry stomach. It is a cringing feel when you know everything but roughly where you just need a shape and form to your unorganized talents, but it is too late already to realise. 

I realise every mistake of my childhood, but too late. I’m GROWN.

I had given a try to all kind of extra curricular activities, but not more than a month.  When my mom perspirated for my well being, I behaved puerile. When I realize, I’m grown.

It is highly vital to engage children in various activities to survive in this techno ruling world. 

There were a period where people used to get in awe for every new talent.

It is now such an era where there are scattered talents everywhere. Innovations take the throne now.

It is the parents’s role to amuse their children without creating an aversion for any activities. If you as a parent feel something that is good for your child, but your child dislikes it on the other hand, give him or her a space and time to accustom with it. Instead don’t pamper that creates a big disgust. What’s the use of it realising after becoming OLD. 

Above all, teach the tomorrow’s rulers a composed living. Today’s children grow holding pride and ego on top. It is our duty to teach and inculcate them a composed living.

Growing is natural. But Learning is realizing oneself.

Is there something more it means by  calling someone by their blood relation terms? 




Chithappa, mama…(uncle)



Akka ..(sister)


It all indirectly means we are Grown Old. It just takes RELATIONS TO REALIZE.


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  1. Lovely Auntie, I noticed you do believe in nurturing but you also allow the child to grow to what he or she wants.
    Many parents, caregivers have so much for the child they all they did not get as child and they run a mock.
    Fact is we all need discipline in our most formative years. The sharing of old pictures, our ancestors our story, and who we are and will become.
    Parents, realize these are gifts from the great spirit, they are not you, nor can you live through them. Our job is like e.g., Cosby Still Nash and young. Teach your children well. And watch them ~ Sour

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    1. 😀
      Absolutely. Streaming kids is quite difficult these days. They see a lot of scope out of their home and grows adamant. Growing them amidst these circumspect is the challenge. I too feel it important to make a knowledge about their own family. It creates an understanding about living together. It is futile to blame someone who is egoistic and rigid because it is all in the hands of the moulding tray.
      That’s a lovely comment. Thank you😊


  2. Kids often make me feel old. That’s why its good to be around old people too. On the other hand, one never stops learning. Interesting how mother sounds similar in so many languages. Thanks for a fun post.


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