The Rat Race

“Life is a race, run!run!!run!!!”

The scholars and philosophers put it as “RAT RACE“. Why to infer as rat, why it could not be some other animal?

Why because the functioning and structure of rat’s brain is much similar to that of human, despite the size of the brain. To make you in awe, rats can identify any 3D objects even when the structure is changed or the objects are rotated. 

Convincing. But why race?

Rat is so phenomenal in working laboriously. They work until they die. But smartness takes the count than the hardwork which rat always lapses. Hence so, the life of it is obviously tiresome. Just compare the life of rat with human, you will get to know why I said ” race“.

We humans have such a mystery inside us. The brain we possess is just the integration of electronics, electrical, computer science, mechanical and all the other branches of engineering .Since it is an assimilation of everything we deal with today, its idealogy and mechanism is adopted or inherited all around us. 
Say,Brain functioning led to the inventions and constructive developments in the arena of computer science.

The performance and formation of networks formed by the neurons and nephrons are the base for the notion of circuits and network concepts.

The cognition and response or reaction or reflex actions contributed to the concept of mechanics.

The transfer of data by the brain evoked the concept of transferring data and communication. 

How I look at this issue as, we the humans have something extraordinary, mysterious, fascinating, incomphrehensible stuff within us which rules and dominates us.

Then why  our pure and super class brain is compared with something that lives underground and in ditches? 

I come again why we vs rat?

Yes friends, it is high time to realize that we are going off the track.  Where are we actually? 

We are awoken in the midst of the sleep by the accentuating dream of race life where your opponent is consistently running and you are still in asleep! Terrible isn’t it? We ain’t even having liberation to sleep in this well organized world.  We burn the midnight oil, But for what?

I was attending a face to face interview. one of the interviewers who gone through the application form, held up with the word “AMBITION“. I had inked as clearing the GATE exam( for sake).

I could see the eyes which once were on papers, now on me. Frowning, he asked me, Beyond that?

I managed to answer, but he wasn’t convinced. He again emphasized, BEYOND THAT?

I felt to keep mum instead of getting caught.  His eyes again returned to the papers, where I had also added ” to live in the way as life goes“.

Again eyes turned over to me and his voice reading the words of mine. This time, albeit he switched over to someother topic , the other interviewer who remained silent for these many hours, opened his mouth for the first time “you still didn’t answer the question of him“.

Yes sir. Let me justify. After getting through the exam, I would  settle and would get the freedom over to my dreams and ideas.

Oh saalai Kamalathaai,  you still don’t know the difference between an Event and Ambition. 

I replied, the ambition changes from time to time. And i have a varied interest.For now, this is my ambition sir.

But you know what, ambition is something that is not subjected to change.

Voice engulfed the way.

But sir, life is itself not stable, how can an ambition be? (When I was asked this question, I got reminded of the quote I started this writing with)

He had a look at me for a minute, and then he changed to someother topic.

Tell me folks, why we the people are so furious on the term ” Ambition”?  Does that mean we have to mandatorily indulge in Rat race to prove that we hail from a human species? 

Why don’t we show our human touch over there?

Why have we turned so commercial?

And very sorry to those who think this piece of sharing is an excuse to life. Absolutely not. 

Stop thinking What next ,what next ,what next?. What if the life of tomorrow ends today? I say, expand your area of expertise and never fix with something that this is gonna be my future. Let the future decides it. 

And please, let the rat to live its life. 

Life is a race.Run, Run, Run.

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