How much of you are tired of hearing Million Instructions Per Second ,MIPS(leave the technical side, let’s talk general)😜.

If I tell you that computers are the digital version of humans, will you agree? Say CPU, the brain of computer is congruent to the brain of human and all the peripheral parts of it are much analogical to the parts of human. In that way, I’m declaring a statement that the idea of processing multiple instructions per second must have extracted from the humans way of processing. Let’s see how! 

Start from your mom. Stand besides her in the notch tight hours(consider morning hours in kitchen). Seeing her pathetic condition, you volunteer in offering a help to her.

“That’s so go good of you, my girl. Help me with this spinach.”

“😰Okay mom”.

Baby, chop the spinach quite later. Can you help me to Peel the skin of chowchow?  This is of the highest priority now.


After you are done with chowchowjust chop a bit of curry leaves and coriander together and keep it in this plate.”


see to the pan on stow now and then, I’ll be right back.”
“😌 okay(again).”

After a while, your mom returns to her work again and you get occupied with instructions again.

Is spinach ready for shallow fry?”

Yes mom.”

“Oh baby, I have forgotten to tell you to cut onions for spinach. Only seeing this spinach, I got reminded. Please, do it asap since I need to finish the cooking work by 8:30 and need to be sharp onto office by 9:00”.

(Speaks in rapid fire)

” oh god!😖”

After you finish cutting chowchow, spinach and onions.

Thank you dear. You stay at home today, right? Then run washing machine a round and also  rearrange your cupboard, Because, you get busy tomorrow.”


“Your dad won’t have food on time. You, take care of him. 

Before you serve him, just reheat a bit and serve him hot.”

In no time to wait for reply,

And you first eat properly😛 serve him then.”

“And yes, don’t forget to place the curd after its fermentation inside refrigerator. NEVER FORGET”.

” And you got only one day to take rest. Don’t do any work. Take a break😜”.

(That’s the highlight)



Can I……….speak?

 it’s already 9.00😝”.

” what? 9:00? If you had helped me, I would have now been in office😝”.


Nothing is equivalent to that of our mom.



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