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Share your story here followed by three dots  in the “WordPress new post” workspace kindled all my dumped inner voices echoing in the minuscule molecules of blood. That is where I first come to believe the concept of oracles. Definitely not defying the fictional outlineless and abysmal characters that appear by deforming the four walls all of sudden ,letting some free advices and vanishing before even recognizing who actually it is.

Perhaps, I assumed in such a way ever since I was hinted by the line share your story here…”   Today. When I pondered over to write something, unintentionally my thump rested over to the WordPress app directing to the write icon. I witnessed the broad, structureless creature spilling out the hidden meanings in its action, called Oracle in the form of mobile phone. 

Have you ever adorned by the act of nature that exactly synchronized in correspondence with your inner you?

If not, just reconsider your pranks on oracles next time because I’m telling you that I witnessed in the form of natureπŸ˜€.

Hey yes, I actually forgot to write what I thought to but what I was driven toπŸ˜‚.  So what kind of thought did oracle cook up in me?

 There was a positive fire seared in her (I) eyes that envisioned and dreamt the prospective  changes in her ( I) country The India.

She( I)  believed that someone out of zillions would appear to rise against the evil and would create a revolution.  

And later on this young girl(me) realized and created a scar in her heart that explains she is “that Change”, she is ” that revolution “, she is ” that one in zillions”. She as a child of no responsibilities carried this thought as her only responsiblity. 

Not only she(I) was so much interested in her country, but also interested in endless Talkings. 

As Days passed on, her responsibilities were grown up. She was is in the state to prove her presence in this rat race ambience. 

She( I) now stands motionless in the situation that needs to be reacted.

 She moves quietly where it has to be provoked.

She speaks less where it has to be spoken more.

She disappears in the place where the atrocity has to be stood against.

She replaces “a change in India” by “a change in me”.

 Her brain contains more of self assessment tasks rather the vision of her childhood dreams.

And now she is living upto the words of her neighbhors. Still didn’t get what I mean? 

 I ain’t a selfish giant. I’m just MATURED. I’m matured enough to transform all the good qualities to the self centered qualities, all the good ideologies to crooked thinkings and all the positives to negatives. That is what the world actually means by the word ” maturity“. A handful of applause to the ones who brought the so called maturity in me.

I’m damn bold to accept the way I’m. And its my nature to recall the great deeds that acted as a path changing thing in my life. Hence so, a big thank you to the society that manufacture the “matured” people around them.

Haven’t I spoken the reality? It is futile to blame someone of their attitude. Perhaps, you and me are the reasons for the changes in the attitude of someone. 😐

Think over it!

And finally not to disappoint your excitement you had while opening this post, I’m opening up the comment section to SHARE YOUR STORY HERE…πŸ˜‰πŸ˜œ


9 thoughts on “Share your story here…

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    1. While analysing myself, I drew a conclusion to the term maturity. So it can be taken as interpretation or definition in either way .
      yes, we are shaped by the environment we live in. But whenever we start the journey of growing, we let ourselves in the self destruction of our own built up dreams in the name of maturity.

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      1. I was taught to express myself more clearly in Tamil first… a language I love so much.. …gradually grew to love other languages too, but first love remains and has a special place all the time:-)

        Btw, it’s totally interesting to read the deep thinking that’s going within you!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes, it is such kinda magnetic language that inspires and attracts anybody. We never knew the value of anything until it is excelled by the opponents. Now, I get to develop a great respect after reading few Tamil posts in WordPress .
        And thank you for your big words:)

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