Look around you from Different Perspective😉

The title describes what I’m about to explain in detail. We all have been much into hearing to the monogram “Look from different perspective”. What my concern is why to wait for some special day to be the inventor of a new thinking, why not that special day is ” everyday”?
So I have a strategy to trigger our right brain. What my plan is let we put the daily dealings in all possible perspectives first of all. I seriously believe this would be an exciting way to override time, boredom and mental conflicts 😀.
It is much analogical to a dare which involves only finite number of easy steps to carry forward.
Shall we?!
Here is the plan.
Step 1: turn around right now and name the object you first see.
Step 2: pen down a few notion from different perspectives on whichever object you first encounter while reading this. (Isn’t it such a cakewalk to thrash out the dare?)

Step 3 :  This part is the funniest I guess. Finish the challenge with a classy philosophical quote on it by pumping your encephalon above the threshold level of extraordinary thinking.
How simple is this?!
Let’s get started. They say “Be an initiator. Discover the lost path and lay a road for peers”.  I go by this quote today😀.
Here it is.
Step 1: the thing I came to encounter when i heaved up my head was “ Iron box😕”. ( I should have aligned my table before giving a thought about this dare! This is called what you sow, you reap😷).

Side view( huge fan of Engineering Graphics 😜😜)
Front view(impact of EG😂)

Step 2: look from different perspectives:
Gosh! It’s damn tough to imagine about the lame Iron box from someother note. Manage with me, I could hardly bring only following sentences:
1) a handy device that serves blessings in disguise when the sun can’t be of help to dry the leaves at last minute for Science Expo.
2) Modern electric steam engine that runs over the track laid on bridges of clothes.
😰 I remind you, I apologised already😛😀.
Step-3: philosophical quote:

Hehe. The part I mastered over😛😀.
“Hello Iron box, I salute you for making us to contemplate that when one is at wrinkles of pain, there needs a high degree of companion to ease off the strips of remarks, less than the rate of a blink”.
(😈 I bow myself for this piece of irrelevantly relevant thinking.)
Note after reading mine:
use of Euphemism is strictly prohibited( 😀😂)
Isn’t it fun ? Why are you waiting for then? Try it now and then since creativity has no appointments.
Pour your approval to this dare in the comment box below.
  ————— xièxiè( Thank you)
Zài jiàn(see you) in Chinese———

Saalai Kamalathaai

19 thoughts on “Look around you from Different Perspective😉

    1. 😀 yeah, when comes to craziness, WP gets reminded. When comes to philosophies, again WP. Story, WP again,etc.
      So when entire journey is travelled in WP, obviously there’s no scarce for excitement 😀😂.
      Thanks for your beautiful comment☺😊

      Liked by 1 person

    1. 😂. Yes, there are lot many hidden philosophies inside everything. Have a close shot and look beyond the physical eye.
      Why don’t you give a try over to this idea😀.
      And thank you for reading 😊😊

      Liked by 1 person

    1. 😂😂 in what way can I take this😛?
      Hehe…Thank you dear zeena. 😉 I agree, no one can go to this much extent of craziness except me😂.
      Waiting to see something from your perspective. Please can you go according to the dare?


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