Hither and tither glitters peals and beads,
Together tunes gold and diamond.

Owndom of upthrusting mountains and terrains,
Our mother kingdom erecting in fountain of youth.

Such a beautiful motherland entrapped by
Such a brutal men of foreign land.

Part of the country awaits for rain
And another part of the country awaits for reign over,
Like, part of the cloud is blue,
And other part of the cloud is dusk.

Sadly the united droplets of rain disintegrate,
Cruelly by the invading magnets of sin.

It all starts with the boast of foreign men,
it all ends with the beast of ferocious men.

Days follow by sleepless nights,
Nights follow by lifeless days.

There prevails ignition in silence,
There surrounds aggression in perceivance.

Freedom appetite persuades every nook and canny,
     So as the ,
Freedom anthem resonates every nook and corner.

Fear sears in heart for many,
     In the midst,
Fierce fries the heart for few.

That Few gathers few”few”,
Few in Many on many.

With the blood shed
Rings the independence.

This independency needs revision,
This Day finds the right time.

May the spirited blood streams into all parts of the body forever.  Let’s Celebrate the great hearts at the borders. Let’s Evacuate the coward sinners inside the town.
A very happy independence day 🇮🇳

Saalai Kamalathaai

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