If I were a ….. Again👼

If I were a Child again

I would be divinely pure,
I would be innocently charming,
I would be greedily generous,
I would be intolerantly vivid,
I would be unmindful of the world,
I would be celebrated for my puerile,
I would be excused,
I would be caressed for no reason,
I would be fancied,
I would be flying around the world against the control,
I would be uncircumspect  of envy,
I would be  running,
I would be walking like a boss,
I would be smiling when I really feel like smiling,
I would be me!

What’s new have I said to make this as one among the posts?
If I were a teen again
I would now be smirkingly biased,
I would be obsessed with selfies and looks,
I would be living like a king on someone’s money,
I would be now much reluctant to raise against the sin,
I would be aware of my circumstances,
I would be treated only for maturity,
I would be noticed,
I would be caressed if and only if I satisfy the requisites of others,
I would be guarded by someone,
I would be developing cruelty, vengeance, evil eye, jealous,
I would resist to run,
I would be walking like a girl/boy,
I would be faking my smiles,
I would be what the world wants me to be!
Still, which intertwined knots of life have I unveiled ?
If I were a half crossed man/woman again
I would be gossiping,
I would be tired of masking the shrunken skins and unfabricated hairs,
I would be drifting the life with the money I earned,
I would be the sinner,
I would be the circumstance,
I would be considering myself as matured,
I would be noticed for my bank deposits and possessions,
I would be wanderlust,
I would be the Hallmark  crueller, jealousy neighbor, vicious mankind,
I would be showy,
I would be walking on my toes over the dirty dust,
I would need to be paid to smile,
I would be quenched with the point of achievement!
Okay, so what was I about to say?
If I were an old granny/grandpa again
I would be left with only me and my partner (if and only if she/he was alive),
I would be endeavouring to beautify much on the inner coverings than the explicit one,
I would be living all alone in the pool of money I earned sacrificing all my precious times,
I would be reckoning on penance,
I would be the last in the circumstances,
I would be neglected for my maturity,
I would be remembered only at the month end for my pension,
I would be hankering for the caress even after satisfying the requisites of others,
I would be one among the things,
I would be still not realising the ugly faces of being envy,
I would be walking to balance insulin and Blood pleasure level,
I would be expecting a super power to make me smile,
I would be still not contented with my life,
I wish be a child again!
Got the essence?
Still not convinced?
Okay then this snippet is for you people:
Life is about dynamic living. We at every point of travel, will be aching for the things we haven’t acquired. Actually, life is something beyond it. The life is not supposed to end in the way I listed out. The end should be achieving the stage 1again that means pure and divine again. It shouldn’t be supposed to culminate as one of the wish lists. It has to be smelt, tasted and the final one is the biggest thing which most of us fail in completing the journey that is the biggest art of thrashing out what are all we earned and tasted. Yes, isn’t it something new? You may be engulfed with a query like whom else will consider us if we have to devote all the materialistic things at the final stage?  That’s where we are tested. We should never be slave to someone of our own kind, instead be like bossy, rich and royal in heart forever. Body is the cover of soul, so how much important to keep this outer cover hale and healthy? End shouldn’t be like counting the last beat , but counting the best beat to beat this world forever. Let the departure brings goodwill to the surroundings, let the departure be celebrated instead of mourning days and nights. Because the soul has vacated to newly constructed sweet home, will you prefer to make the house-warming ceremony a grandeur or melancholic?  Obviously in a happy tone only right? Similarly, the transcendent of the soul has to be grandiose. Give the soul a chance to meet his/her real master instead of making the tamed soul to be a prey for fierce ignition.
Let we be the child again,
Pure and divine forever!

Out of the topic😀:
Do I sound too old😷? Come on, I’m just one normal girl striving to dive out of the pool of engineering😛😛😛😜😂. You know what, if you study engineering you become an expert in giving all shots on philosophy(do you think we really write what we actually study in exams😜, we mix and match everything😜. Oh god, i let out the point which was meant to be included in engineering roundabouts- phase N😉😉😉)but the today’s topic should really be taken in a serious tone, okay?😀 that’s it for today. Bye for now☺👋.

Saalai Kamalathaai


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