Vice Versa is not true😛

Not all the wounds leave a scar,
But all the scars leave a wounding story!

Not all the walks complete the journey,
But all the journeys complete with a footprint !

Not all the footballs hit the net,
But all the hits find a right square!

Not all the clouds unite drops of rain,
But all the raindrops unite the clouds together!

Not all the words resonate to deeds,
But all the deeds resonate as words in heart forever!

Not all the bends render handwriting,
But all the good handwritings once start with bends and curves!

Not all the pens curl a powerful writing,
But all the writings pen from a powerful entangle!

Not all the stories are painful and serious,
But all the serious and painful stories have inspirational series!

Not all the WordPress posts speak deep inside,
But all the drafts do!

Not all the homes have a blissful family,
But all the nests find a happy tree!

Not all the winds are storm,
But all the storms are wind!

Not all the same bloods that life offers are relatives,
But all the life proceedings are related by different bloods!

Saalai Kamalathaai


22 thoughts on “Vice Versa is not true😛

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      1. I have also encountered such situations with some of my posts where I feel it is not good enough but thwy get the max response. Finally, it is up to the readers, Saalai..

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