Engineering roundabouts

Note:    Please check for  Engineering roundabouts -phase 1 in this link
. I really promise you that it would make you to hit bottom of the belly.

~~~~~ Phase 2 ~~~~~
The month before the exam:
This is the tiresome period for the lingering students. It tingles all the butterflies in their stomach.
You neither can feel lethargic nor completely occupied. You have to reconsider all your  teeming desires to walk around even to the room aside 😜, see your favourite movie, have your favourite dinner at your favourite restaurant when an entire family goes leaving you up to the four walls of the house , stand or sit leisurely even for an hour. At the same time, you  would be reminded with an impulse from all the other sides of brain and heart “ Still there’s a solid month to  prepare.  Oh phew! Two different states of mind, terrible, you know!
Nevertheless, in the midst, the filthy issues those sifted book-worms(mentioned in phase 1 if you guys remember ) create would be intolerable. They would be still squabbling with dozens of all those relevant and irrelevant books right in front which are persuaded all around them . when you and I can’t, then how can they? Damn sure people, they got to be the humanoid robots! They work 24*7 literally, even robot would be drained off battery, not the humanoid robots😛.
The funniest part is the untold  rampage that runs inside every student’ heart.  Like, students would give all the possible shots to abstain themselves in revealing the covered portions  from falling victims to evil eyes.
If it is an happenstance to reveal the portions covered, funny tackling conversations are carried forward by the students:
I didn’t even touch the cover of the book.”
” I just have to dust all the books from the shelves.”
” my family took me out. I’m so worried how am I gonna get through.”
” I’m an over night reader.”
” just scheduled to read but I’m running out of the plan.”
” Whenever I have book in my hand, I feel sleepy and I  get to sleep.”
“Just had a glimpse”.

These dramas continue for ages😂😜.

Venture more on engineeringcomics😂 Stay tuned for phase 3☺ . Thank you for reading 😊😊.

Saalai Kamalathaai


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