Say me crazy😀

When you can hear only the weary acoustics of the fan on ceiling,
I bet you ,
you are either surrounded by none except the four walls,
You are feeling very lonely deep inside
caught up with deep musings
And nothing else!😉😁😀
Certain things get noticed only when we put ourselves out of comfort zone. Hey, come on! what am I gonna be benefited on listening to the lame sound of a fan?
Firstly, you can get occupied and fight against time😛,
Secondly, you can think of servicing it 😉,
Thirdly, it can make you to write crazy like this.
Hehe. (Forget it if it is a bad joke😜)
It all needs time and opportunity to meet and not that men and statuses.( How is it?!😉. I’ll bring connections somewhere😜😀)

Saalai Kamalathaai


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