Prid, Prai, Pred😉

Note:  The audiences are same, even the concerned one is same. Only the scenario changes so that their words.
Context: There is only one comment on your success or your failure from your spectators or neighbors or your loved ones. That’s

What I said has happened.

Q: When I say this, what comes to your mind?
A:Either an exuberant feel for registering your predominance in the outcome of someone else efforts OR for having said it to your partner, the partner had failed to endorse it and you feel smirky over it  by telling them “see, exactly what I said has happened“? 
How Invariably we humans tend to take pride in each of our actions.
Q : What are we going to derive out of saying it after the result of someone’s effort?
A: Pride, Praise and Predominance . A big cheer ✋. Yeah, that’s for sure.
But If i say that these are the three prioritizing and destructive words that brew us canonically, it doesn’t mean that we have to transform outrightly as sacrosanct by disconnecting from all the humanoid stuffs. That’s also too illogical.
Hence, Maintaining that pace and  consistency not only in our materialistic success which drives us to earn more and more, but also in the way we present ourselves to someone , will definitely make us suspend in the extremes of being a saint and an own trumpet. Just try getting out of even that small dose of ” I” dominance in your daily proceedings, you are about to unleash the hidden blocks which were refrained once because of that “I” predominance.

Saalai Kamalathaai


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