Success isn’t a sudden upshoot. It is an outcome of pushing ourselves into the unaccustomed situations.
It is the way similar to
A fused bulb blinking thousand times just to make a chance to glow.
Those who can afford for a new one, may simply ignore it .
Nonetheless, the rest hope it to glow
At times to brighten their life, where there is no possibility of them
for a new option
rather than
trusting the defected one.
Sometimes (PAUSE),

  With the hardest struggle and hope, fused light glows.

Saalai Kamalathaai


17 thoughts on “Upthrust

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  1. Truly inspirational one. Success is not a matter of endearment, it requires great will to work, to prosper and to deliver. Unlike failed ones, successful people are those who are successful not because of the post they hold now but because of the hurdles and obstacles they have faced in past. Followed you blog, check mine if you wish to follow http://wp.me/p77rY5-n

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    1. Very intriguing.
      Absolutely. Success as for the outsiders is judged just by the mere physical treat it offers. But the path it was carried forward to the present is much more similar to that of a candle which fires itself to brighten its life and others too.
      Thank you for adding more details to the post and for the follow. It is my pleasure to look and support innovations. Thank you.

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