Let’s start with 1 before infinity!


I’m isotropic. Both at the inflation and deflation, I can be of help as zeroes and hundreds. 
Entire philosophy of ” life is a cycle” is silenced inside me. Without me, there is no life“, Mr. Circle drowned by its pride.
2)Mr. SQUARE: 

I maintain my originality at all my faces. I’m the fondest of everyone.
Im too stuffed with a philosophy of life. My four sides represent four stages of life, smirked at Mr.circle.
3)Mr. CUBE:

people can look only your present and judge you being two dimensional figures. But, in my case, I overpower the factor Time being 3 dimensional figure.
I too have a very strong philosophy:
” when formless spirit converges with 6 parameters like master, conscience, an outer cover , characters, behaviours and a linear blood stream, it transforms to 3D  shape. There, I give a life to someone“, frowned Mr.cubic.
there is no Pythagoras theorem without me. I’m there standing pride and bold in mountains and bridges. I don’t deform too easily , I’m stable and strong.
I rule generations through hierarchy“, stared Mr. Triangle.
5)Ms. Point/ Dot:
I admit, you are all competent enough. I’m infinitesimally small when compared to you all. Despite that, I’m damn sure you are all beneath me😉.
If anyone can form a shape without me, let me change my name😛 to any of yours“, shuttered the mouths of the four.
Moral: Life is wired randomly and it is getting complicated during each move forward. But, each of the complications has some foundation of basics. When basic is tried out in different combinations, life is invented, discovered and debugged.
So next time when you get dejected with something, get with the basics man, try out new combination☺.

Saalai Kamalathaai


22 thoughts on “Let’s start with 1 before infinity!

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    1. Exactly. 😉 you got me right. Life of now has juggled a lot with the past. Despite given a publicized tag on woman’s independency, the voices of women are yet to be coherent with men. I inject deep into the nerve that woman is the source of mankind. Though she lags by physical strength, she should be given all laurels for standing amongst the odds. 😁 That’s the point behind the word “Point”😉😁.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I never thought you to be a maths and statistics geek, as much of your posts relate with electrons, EM waves and all the tiny bits of physics😁😉.
        I guess I may witness maths related post anytime on your wall😁😁😁.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. 😉 I know you expertise anything you write 😁 and hence statistics isn’t a big deal for you😊. I love the way you connect realities with science and maths. Look forward to seeing your future posts on that😁.

        Liked by 1 person

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