Never think, the world is watered off when you provoke against them!
             Just remember,
The sniffer dogs are watching you,
            Counting on you!!
It just needs the last wire of aroma,
For them to taste, cook up,
serve the dish widespread
And make it extinct outright!!?

Saalai Kamalathaai


7 thoughts on “ARE YOU WATCHED!?

Add yours

    1. When it is so considerable in the world of mask, how much vigilant should it be in sensing the situation and people’s backdrop thoughts in the real life?
      We can believe people who argues but not the one who keeps silent.
      I agree with your words.

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    1. 😁.
      Trigger. That’s what my blogging theme all about “That which Influences me”😉.
      It includes the stuffs I see that affects me or the experienced thoughts. Though I’m a girl to see many of the odds or the one who has seen no odds, I’m stuffed with all the life lessons and understandings which pushes me to write. I’m really unsure, how many agree with my ideas. Let it be! It reflects someone somewhere in someway☺.
      Thanks for your comment☺

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