Surf over the violent tides

"Let she die! she isn't my daughter anymore", voice vibrated on the aluminum rods of the door where She in crunching emotions, rested her head  for support . She, Awra( name of the character), the portrayer of passion,compassion, patriotism, boy's vigour and rigidity in a girl,  social activism and the maestro of classic living. On... Continue Reading →


Success isn't a sudden upshoot. It is an outcome of pushing ourselves into the unaccustomed situations. It is the way similar to A fused bulb blinking thousand times just to make a chance to glow. Those who can afford for a new one, may simply ignore it . Nonetheless, the rest hope it to glow... Continue Reading →

Let’s start with 1 before infinity!

1)Mr. CIRCLE: "I'm isotropic. Both at the inflation and deflation, I can be of help as zeroes and hundreds.  Entire philosophy of " life is a cycle" is silenced inside me. Without me, there is no life", Mr. Circle drowned by its pride. 2)Mr. SQUARE:  "I maintain my originality at all my faces. I'm the... Continue Reading →


Dad comforts his little baby by burning hard his foot and shoulder. As time flies, The grown matured girl burns her hand hard to ease off the pain of her dad by rubbing his long run foot. That's called the transient state of life. Saalai Kamalathaai

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