Engineering roundabouts

Stupendous greetings to all of you here. Isn’t it splendid to join you all again?( yes from my part). I’m tired of giving life lessons for these many days. The hilarious thing is many of you here even gone to the verge of portraying me as an experienced, withered, long run, desperate BIG FAT OLD LADY, Luckily, I completed my profile quite recently before you all tag me with the Doctorate of solemn trait. So, How about the genre humor? :-P.

~~~~  PHASE-1   ~~~~
It’s all about the story of every engineering student. The last two years of schooling play a vital role in engineer’s life. Instead of shaping the do’s and don’ts of engineering, I have planned to bring about the exact scenario inside the transcended world.
The statistics so far recorded say that many of engineering students are pushed into this field out of compulsion. Can you imagine their world after crossing those gates? If you struggle imagining, I’m here to succor you :-P.
Each and every word out here has been minutely observed and carefully handled. I have endeavored to take the ride here in a humorous mixed serious tone:-P Believe me, it will be total fun and at the same time, the futuristic world will be fortuned out of it. What are you waiting for then? Join your hands to make this complete.
Note : It’s quite a big piece .Probably, published in series. Get ready for the long travel with us Engineers :-P.
Definition of an Engineer The one word that creatively designs and clones trash cans. Poetically, it’s a staggering chameleon that is fading out and losing its color. There’s no surprise if it happens to be syllabized as a vital question by our wonderful education system.

What if I say you that our entire life span is spliced in groups in terms of number of years we have been actively workaholic. Baffled? Then Give a think here.
It takes 10 months to form a shape inside womb, 4 years to grasp the happenings, the longest 14 years to finish up schooling, 6 years for medicine or 4 years for Engineering at the maximum possibility for higher education and the rest of the life until late 60’s for Government servants and 40’s to 50’s at pars for corporate employees, after then, hardly the next 20 years of survival as a normal human being. Thus, we run a count, not a life. Let it be (we’ll make some comics out of it).
Why we actually classify our span by time?
It is because of the impulse to preoccupy with something both for the name sake and for sailing against the fiery boredom.
Whatsoever you say, among them, the reign of higher studies is the webbed, funniest and turning point in life. That too, the inter domain period between days after schooling and before the first day of our college to rinse the courses, hunt for colleges and sum up tons of donations to quench the appetite of empty rooms of stomach, forms the never ending story.
What actually happens inside?
School arena:
There is a constant monogram that all the 12th students would be tired of hearing This is the crucial age, FOCUS! CONCENTRATE!! WORK HARD!!!”.
There are also other famous dialogues like

* “Just that one hike in marks can do all miracles and lifts you high in your life
* “Be in finger tip. If you were asked even in your wildest nightmare, you should be able to answer the next 0th second :-P”
* “If you don’t come up in this stage, you would come up never and you won’t be respected even by dogs :-P”
* “Underline this line. This is the important one mark question :-P”
* “If you struggle today, you’ll have better tomorrow
* “If you don’t score well, then you have to handle stream of cows until you die

download (1)
Funny to read right? Yes, realities always are laughed out loudly 😛 As promised you, I’m picking up only the facts here.
Backdrops of student’s brain:
Beholding all those dialogues as mantra of all means, the innocent lads and girls out there, bigot each and every sentence in their books (as anything may be asked in 1 or 2 marks) with bold staring eyes on the walls of the concrete (since they might be instructed to read by concentrating on the walls so that they won’t be off the track). I don’t know, I would rather end up with sweating eyes 😛
With no break to gasp, students are trained with myriads of class test, unit test, quarterly, half yearly, model, re-model, re-re-model and so on for that one FINAL exam. The exam is somewhat held only at once, but the preparation goes on for ages. It determines their life either as doctor or engineer and nothing in between. The toppers among the class is sifted out, sorted as a team and coached separately on the facade.
There also run other controversies among the top schools of the area. The demand for the school heaves up based on the current trends of students’ migration 😛 ( yes, students don’t prefer to have a permanent schooling. They keep on changing every year or atleast at the time of final standard) and the results produced by the school.
Student’s migration is the ridiculous part of schooling. Each year we can witness a whirlpool of students migrating from one school to the other based on the results. Say, if your school hits the notch today, the people of opponent school will crowd over to yours and you will be tired of maintaining chronicles of class sections. On the other hand, if your school fails to produce the result this time, hurricane occurs again :-P. The social ethics, culture, manners, knowledge oriented studies are paid less attention here.
Among these circumstances, there will also be small group of students who prefer to stay in the same school whatever happens to it and this is the group that observes and gives a big laughter to all those unwatched happenings.(you may now be developed with a question that she speaks this much, what would have she chosen as career. 😉 I’m able to make these much of points only because of sinking in it. Yes, I’m an ENGINEER :-P) .


17 thoughts on “Engineering roundabouts

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    1. Oh thank you Nivi. Yet more throw to come on engineering,since it has become mandatory to list out its pros and cons by someone to the world! We have fallen prey to our poor studies! This is small initiative to try teaching the methodology of studying atleast. The series would cover all the happenings and methods to overcome effectively.

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  1. Congrats on engineer-dom, and the wisdom to know that it is all a kind of game. 🙂 I can see you’ve learned and give your life lessons well. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Engineer- Dom😀😀. I still have to wait for an another year to get my degree completed.😉
      Yes, the plan to carry forward with this is to show the world how commercially the education system is handled.
      I’m still learning life lessons😉😀 and I can’t change completely my habit of writing it 😀😀 Thanks for reading:)

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  2. This is the written emotions of what I had exactly gone through last year# 12th class… Crucial class! Make it or break it. Although I am from commerce stream but still Circumstances are same for all of us! Finally boards are over and now new dialogue # COLLEGE CUT OFFS😑😑😑😑

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