Quote challenge- day 3

This is third and final day of quote challenge. So, just put up with me only for today😀😊.
I’m thankful to the wonderful bloggers who nominated me.
Akhila – A very good soul. A malayali. The blog is known for pearls of contents that renders meaning of living. She attracts reader through her questionnaires and discussions.
fairy kumar – A young gracious girl from India. Her blog is full of high quality writings. She mesmerizes spectators by her sarcastic captions.
Robert –  Mr. Robert from England. His writings are a blend of humor and seriousness (Isn’t it a spectacular combination?) . Of course, a good mentor.
vibhash – A very serious writer. His blog is a panoramic view of the world. Yes, it covers wide range of subjects.
______ I believe you’ll take a look on their blogs________________
Day 3 quote challenge:


Until one revolves around her own sphere of cognizant,
The argument is subjected to end never.

-Saalai Kamalathaai
The nominees of today: ( breaking the rules today)
ishita – A wonderful blogger who keeps it very simple right from comment, post , her acts. We had no big talks. But, she sounds like a girl to be befriended. Her writings are one philosophical bunch.
mystic –  like her blog name, the posts remain mystic. Another beautiful philosophical writer.
advanced research technology – A blog for life. Spiritual blog. One big step to enlighten people about their soul and aftermath of karma and death.
sunith –  his contents are experienced thoughts, makes the reader to sink in the ocean of ideas.
mahima – A young girl. Her words dash straight in the forehead. Point to point writer.
Sycamore wilch – A beautiful writer she is! I have just read few of her posts. Yet, she  had the power to  rope me with phenomenal thoughts.
_ The End_
See you all. Hope my 3 days quote reaped a meaningful message.
(Note: whoever likes the post, gotta   take up the 3 days quote challenge☺. This is the only way I can reciprocate to the motivation you gave me. Will you do it for me?!😶)


48 thoughts on “Quote challenge- day 3

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  1. Ahaha, I have quite a schedule in my blog, some guest posts lined up, two award posts and a few of my own but tell you what.. i will give it a shot at some point next week. If not, i will make it up to you. You have my word dear. – Cezane


      1. Noted dear! I have something in store for you. Hopefully next week it will come by at your doorstep in your blog. Cheers! – Cezane

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Well.. I hope your good wishes turn into reality. I have selected options like B.com(H), BBA, Eng.(H), Math(H) 👻👻 (they will not admit me in this😝), Journalism, statistics (H) . Let’s see what’s stored for me!🙏🙏

        Liked by 1 person

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