Quote challenge – Day 2

Hello all. This is my day 2 quote challenge. Have a fun reading it.☺😊I’m thankful to the wonderful bloggers who nominated me.
Akhila – A very good soul. A malayali. The blog is known for pearls of contents that renders meaning of living. She attracts reader through her questionnaires and discussions.
fairy kumar – A young gracious girl from India. Her blog is full of high quality writings. She mesmerizes spectators by her sarcastic captions.
Robert –  Mr. Robert from England. His writings are a blend of humor and seriousness (Isn’t it a spectacular combination?) . Of course, a good mentor.
vibhash – A very serious writer. His blog is a panoramic view of the world. Yes, it covers wide range of subjects.
______ I believe you’ll take a look on their blogs________________
Day 2 quote challenge:


At some point Anonymous is synonymous to sacrosanct , who takes no pride when the trumpet is blown and no crumble when cursed under the breath.

-Saalai Kamalathaai
______________  _/\_  ___________________
Here are the today’s nominees.
dhwani – A friendly sis. She volunteers in participating. Her blog is simple and neat, which makes us to contemplate very basic of life.  An engineer and good supporter of all time.
zigyasa – I call her Ziggy. A very involved blogger. She touches many of the sensitive topics and sears it in other’s mind through her beautiful words. And she gives a good space to cast our opinion on her posts.
zero creativity  – One big power packed blog (like I always say). If you are looking forward to learning something,this is apt place to land since it encompasses variety of fields. This blogger has a very open mind of allocating his own space for other writers and working for it amidst of his short time.

If I had an option I would have chosen all my followers. Hey, if you wish to do for me, please come forward and put your names here and I will be so glad to support you people in someway.


16 thoughts on “Quote challenge – Day 2

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  1. Yeeps! That’s a powerful quote, and it comes at a time when I am being challenged to show who I really am. Well said! Well done.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That’s a powerful quote Saalai, inspiring enough!!
    So nice of you for your humble words, it means stars and moon to me 🙂
    Thank-you so much for this challenge, I’ll be doing it soon enough 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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