Unnoticed incidents #2

Note :/This is the next half of the unnoticed incidents. If you wanna check the previous part for continuity, click here  Unnoticed incidents #1 /

She(mother) in cracky voice with the sign of last hope, enquires this issue with her neighborhood. It is all in vain and she is completely depressed now. All her pessimistic thoughts which was held on several times, bursts out and crimps on. Now, her instinct recalls the last word of her daughter and the negative vibes of their last conversation. She has no clue of the status of her daughter. She nomads senselessly. After all, she is a mother who must make herself stone hearted at certain situations. That’s why she marches forward.
Behind the bars, the little girl smells the hope of liberation on hearing to her blood relation somewhere round. She becomes wreakless and her calmed heart again starts beating faster.  She reflexes on her mom with her crumbling voice by looking the only rays of light of positivity near the roof.
There is a sudden jerk on her mother and veers back with crowding tears at the corner of her eyes. She is speechless and gets back at all her fainting situations just to see her daughter’s face one last time. She is driven to that window by her instinct.
Comes closer and closer. while attempting to climb up the window, she alerts herself and becomes vigilant of her ominous backgrounds.
Even then, she climbs up as her daughter’s face flashes in front. Holding this in heart she finally manages to reach the top. The little girl is damn sure about her mom’s arrival and she is overwhelmed in tears when the rays of light finally shade hologram of her beloved one. The melancholy song continues for hours. Both are helpless. They just merge into the eye of one another. Pricking back to reality,  the mother finds her daughter starving. She mourns at one corner of her heart and also rejoices on finding her daughter on the other corner. So, she sets back to her residence to bring the little girl some smashed eatables as her daughter is too small and immatured to eat like adults. She hurries and appears before her in just a second. The daughter is so elated to be fed from her mom after surviving those horrible hours.
All of a sudden, with searing look, they both turn towards the harsh opening of door that makes them feel like hell.
It is that boy again!  He is shocked to see his neighborhood aunty on his secret place. He rapidly plots for his next move with no sort of guilt as atrocities go uncared there. He grins evilly on the happenstances made by the fate. His eyes are standstill on the mother now.
On the introspection of his brain, it says if her mom is targeted now it will be so easy to blackmail the little girl. He is a stubborn boy who never sets back once it is targeted and so, he succeeds in his next move also. He crawls the girl’s mom rough and tough. He does so only for his self satisfaction and selfishness, but basically a normal boy only.
Now, the boy is puzzled to see the weird reactions of that little girl. She turns frozen. But why?
So he turns back and transfixed to see himself killing the girl’s mother. The little girl counts her life as she has nobody in this world to witness her presence. But, This is all an unplanned happenings for him. So he sets himself free and relaxed and he still wanders without any guilt.
So, how is reading this?!  Terrible? Cruel? Angry on me? Okay, okay! I accept! But what if the word little girl is replaced by a little parrot and  the mother as mother parrot and the teeny boy as teeny boy itself?????

Relaxed??! You are feeling relaxed now, right? What makes it so? Because it is a bird?! For being from a cheap bird’s origin???? Why such kinda peace enveloped when the words alone are changed, but not the incident.
Think, think, think!!!?!!!
I still keep my words. It is a true story. Why isn’t it so cruel now? He destroyed the era of it’s life. I’m still echoed by the pathetic voice of mother parrot on losing her beautiful young daughter parrot. 😑😐

Saalai Kamalathaai


19 thoughts on “Unnoticed incidents #2

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  1. The circle of life, it is best to see all the way around it. What affects one portion, ultimately comes back and affects all.

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  2. Though it is one’s karma, it can’t be left as such.
    That’s a great statement. It is finished with a disappointment. But, I think it clearly defines the transient changes in our character.


    1. Yes it is a painful story which gets unnoticed.. It is not wise to disturb the ecosystem for our needs and desires. All I understood is the mother of any form goes to any extent to safeguard her child. Thanks for reading:)

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  3. That’s a great twist in the tale!!
    I was surprised at myself for the small change in emotions..
    It was so thoughtful of you to come up with a masterpiece like this.. Your message was loud and clear and it left me pondering over it for a long time.. True.. Every life has its own significance and we need to respect that..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi mrudula,
      I’m so happy that I conveyed rightly what I planned for. Masterpiece? That’s a big word. But I’m thankful for considering it as so. Did you also feel the bad status of our mind reflexing based on the character and situation?! I’m still searching the reason why can’t we accept the nature!
      Yes, every life has its own significance. Thanks a lot for this awesome comment. Love you loads😘

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That was the least I could think of! I loved the vocabulary you used in both the parts.
        Yes.. I could feel the reflex.. I’m also not able to accept this fact.. May be it’s about how we have got used to neglect everything else except which we consider as important..
        Love you too.. 😘😘


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