Unnoticed incidents #1

The life will be at its best if it’s life as such. Yes, life is not handled as it ought to be. Every formation has a code of living. When it’s strode, details of life can come into notice. The story that you are about to read is a real incident.  So here it is……
There are posh roads, government buildings, civilized schools, uncontrollable traffic, unhygienic garlands, ditches, plenty of small-scale profit-making shops, status showy people and all other necessary amenities on one side. Acres of agricultural and barren lands, green sceneries, unpolluted environment, minor squabbling on fore-fore-fore father’s asset and other major issues go hand by hand on the other side.  These extremes are supposed to have no chaos until they live in their own world.  Here comes a unique and eclectic city  that has overtone of both urbanized and ruralized behaviours as mentioned above. Aggressive loose talkers and lavish measured talkers are spread evenly. On the whole, it is hard to find at least finite numbers of harmless hearts.

In such a city, there is an isolated area  where atrocities go unnoticed and unacknowledged. It’s one fine day that started with good aura. Breezy cool air dashed everyone tenderly, generously without any partiality. But, the people there are so stubborn. Even when the nature endeavours to be in harmonious with them, they refuse in return.

In that area, there lives a family who are introverts and could go any extent to full fill their desires. This family consists of a couple and two teeny offsprings.
There is an another beautiful small family that lives on per day labour in a very small, but spacious, ventilated house. That’s they don’t know what the future is going to bring them, they live the moment and that’s it. This small family consists of a couple and a charming half-grown girl child. She is growing and her mother has just started her first lesson on the happenings of the world. If she hadn’t started to teach, this agonising incident would haven’t happened.
It’s been three days since the first flight has started. The lesson included how venomous the world is, how should she protect herself on any occasions, how must she mark her own identity in this world. This session goes on every early morning until the sun rises fully. One of the teens living in that big family has a chance of seeing this scenario. He starts to have a very close shot at them. He is so attracted to the beauty of that small kid. He waits for that one day to besiege her.
Now the little girl has started to know the move of the world a bit and so she steps out of her home independently without the knowledge of her mother. She is having the best day of being all alone and independent. She enjoys to the core and exhausts a bit now. The boy finds this as the right chance and drives few strategies to capture her. He succeeds in his first attempt of throwing stones on her and making her to faint to the ground. He has no idea of setting back. So he jails her in a room with few foods to eat inside. His family despite of insisting it as a wrong deed,they celebrate his bravery and strength.
On the other hand, the little girl on bars retrieves from the sudden shock. She found her hands senseless since it is tightly held with strong ropes.
She can’t sense what is going all around her,but her brain keeps on  musing that something is going wrong. Now the tiny eyes wide in peril.  Little heart vibrates unstoppable and her soul holds a string of guilt on ignoring her mother’s word.  All she can do now is to weep in the dusk or to trust the one who brought into this situation since she can’t be of help to herself. Striving from these killing pain, she sits silently and patiently.
After a while, She hears some familiar voice. Not so late she comes to know it is none other than her mother’s cracky voice of having lost her only child.
Two feelings of losing their loved ones.  Will she unite with her family again or will the fate bring an unbearable destiny??
Stay tuned for the next half……………😐


13 thoughts on “Unnoticed incidents #1

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  1. My bad, i read the second one first. Now i get this beautiful tale you crafted. Captured my read attention on every line. You have a gift and an utterly splendid way with words dear! – Cezane

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s fine. You might have lost suspense and thrill, but I’m sure the essence remains the same any time. ☺
      Very happy that I caught the reader’s attention. I’m so thankful for your words. That’s a drift. See you with your writings😊


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