Don’t actually be you🙅

Don’t keep words in stock,

Because you become cheap!

Measure and let words out,

You become costly than you actually are!

Don’t hear other’s stories,

You may pity for them,

But they may take advantage over you!

Don’t express your true feelings and emotions,

You become a toy to play.

It is better to be cruel and heartless person,

Than to be a traitor!

Don’t be a fox,

Be a lion,

Atleast the world may assume you fierce though you actually ain’t!

Life is nothing but a drama,

True sense has no meaning!!







30 thoughts on “Don’t actually be you🙅

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    1. Yes I agree. And that’s a valuable comment too. But , in this so called modern world, revolving around ourselves is very vital. We must be very conscious while we interact with the outer world. Because, many in this world wait for us to fall, than to help. There is no point of expecting in return , but atleast we must to be treated well as a code of conduct . we must live upto the mark so that nothing comes as hindrance.
      Thanks for giving a thought about it.

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      1. I’m not saying it for a fashion and I’m not either done infamous college either..i just said cos you said you are studying engineering😁😁 really i thought you are a elderly woman first.. Then i happened to assume you are a elderly man..but seriously I never believed you would be a girl..rompa santhosam..santhithathil…rompa feel panna thinga madam…many assumed I’m a girl.😂


      2. I didn’t mean like that! Everywhere I turn, engineers and engineering are the two words I keep on hearing constantly. 😀
        Good to meet another engineer here😜☺. Oh, tamil?
        That’s so great to see tamil words in the midst of English.☺

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  1. We have an inward self which is soul and spirit, and an outward self that is our physical person. The physical person is little more than a tent housing our real self, the inner soul.
    It is in the physical, outer play that most conversational interplay happens. The soul is rarely present in this physical interplay, because it is largely an outward show. It goes back and forth and no one is showing their true intentions. A lot of manipulation ensues.
    Nevertheless, when one moves from outward expression to operating from their inner soul, the conversation becomes transparent. One can empathically feel the real thoughts and emotions of the other in the conversation, whether manipulative or true, and we too can respond in such a way as to both guard our own and the others feelings.
    Its just another aspect of the other path, the higher way.

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    1. Well researched. What one reaps is what one going to be! The good soul trains the physical cover to be in high standards and the bad soul does the reverse. The thing is many in this world are unaware of these kinda talks. Hence so, morality is nothing to do with them! The victim is the good ones😖. Good ones either suffer mingling with this world or get offended by them, as a matter of being pure. This “don’t actually be you” is focussed on such kind of people.
      Thanks for the very beautiful comment. It is always good to engage in discussion as it explores many untold truths. ☺

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      1. I see where you are coming from. To be and guard a good soul is a narrow way. But nothing is impossible. It only drives good souls into the space of much higher learning, and principles that go far beyond what we see in our general everyday conditions.
        Infinite strength!

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  2. Yes! I truely accept it! May be it is to test the good soul how much extent it can put up with this world! May be to develop resistance! May be to train good soul to be accustomed to all kinda situations! May be it is to forecast the world of heaven! May be it is the only way for god to make us realize his presence.
    Let’s take it in positive way either!
    Thanks for making me to realize the hidden thoughts behind my post.


  3. Wow! Thats so true! Being too high on sugar can also backfire! Being good is good but not at the cost of the goodness you deserve too! When in a contemplative mood, I’ve always thought the same and I’m glad that you not only wrote it but wrote it soo beautifully! Kudos to you girl! ♡👍 :))

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    1. That’s well stated, my Girl. You got the exact essence of it! In note to the present scenario, being good or being pure is gonna reap us nothing. Cleverness with the evil mind and those who know the trick of knack moving, can achieve great heights. When everyone tries to be so cunning ,why should not we?! At least to survive?!
      Great sync between us. I’m delighted! Thanks a lot😘😊

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  4. Don’t express your true feelings and emotions,

    You become a toy to play……………this line is very true in this world.If we go closer , day will come when you will have to separate without a reason .So it is good to maintain distance rather than going deep……… a lion. …this too has meaning itself which shows the reality & uniqueness….amazing poem.

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