Marks of women

Though she carves herself as young, robust, fresh and strong,
Her cracked foot reveals all her hardships and sacrifices for her family.
That’s she!
That’s woman of all forms!!

saalai kamalathaai


16 thoughts on “Marks of women

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  1. Aah yes , i read this before and couldn’t leave a comment because sometimes my moby doesn’t allow me to leave msgs.

    Any how, what struck me about this poem, the first time I read it is the cracked foot. It is a powerful image and really a metaphor, representing the hardship of females in all nations who are subject to the abjectness of life and toil…..yet they smile and appear strong but in the detail as you hv foregrounded , the crack you see s.thing different emerging and it speaks volumes . Making the unfamiliar familiar by drawing our attention to it, the details dominate there.

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    1. Oh, that’s not a problem, lily. 😊 in fact I must thank you for coming again to the same loop and marking your words here. Yes really, it speaks volume. Not only the visible cracks alone, it is all the cracks of pain, branching thoughts that she carries and unbearable tasks she undertakes only to She stretches only to

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      1. yes, and the crack in the foot starts from an inward position and surfaces to the fissure that are visible to us. The crack’s signaficance rests in, as you mention, the invisible too…the turmoil, angiush and pain that eventually leaves its mark on the surface.. (;;;–)))

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    1. Hey, did you read all of mine?! I’m really overwhelmed!! Because of you, I overrode my previous record of most likes per day. But, how could you ?! Amazed! A lavish reader I think!! Really appreciable!! You could had turn for tomorrow. 😂😁I’m coming to your blog not so late!! Thanks a lot.😊


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