I lost my color. I lost my texture. I lost my identity. I’m invisible now”  yells a visibly invisible man.
I,You and we are all visibly invisible. When the world is visaged from some other planet, ‘I’ as an individual is visibly invisible. When visaged inside the earth, still we are all visibly invisible.
If visaged from country to country, yet visibly invisible.
If visaged as a person face to face and yet we remain visibly invisible, is something different.
We have voice that no one could hear,
We have color that no one could see,
We have texture that no one could feel,
We have identity, yet “WE ARE INVISIBLE”.
I’m walking fast down the street in complete silence. I believe silence brings concentration,So as  I concentrate. Breaking the silence, all I could hear is the death ring of a puppy hit by a powerful ‘ damn cc’ car. The puppy was invisible to him. He is invisible in a second. I’m there to witness it. My heart is stolen. I’m frozen for a second. Not too later, I’m melted back by its pathetic condition. Yet I continued to move. I’m visibly invisible.  So as the puppy which was invisible to the world” continues the visibly invisible man.
” We live in a country where we couldn’t bring change and stop corruption. We are all visibly invisible.  This world is so commercial that don’t even care for the person who becomes invisibly visible, then how for the one who is visibly invisible.
If there is no status and respectable job, voice becomes voiceless.
If there is money and corruption, eye becomes blind.
If there is future with fear, character becomes characterless,
If there is a selfish man, the visible man becomes invisible ” registers his withered thoughts to his evening mates.
———–   ———-   ———-
How aging brings solitude?
Answer is Aging never brings solitude. It is the mind that creates dramas and protocols for living.  There are three aged people around 60’s, whom I would come across meeting everyday sharp by 5:30 p.m, when I step down from by college bus. I really adore them. They always prefer to wear pure white shirt and dhoti as if they are the ministers. Perhaps it’s to match up their grey hair.😜 They have their own style of living. They look rigid, strong as men who have faced everything in their life. Three friends. They meet daily waiting for one another in a bench in the bus stop. They structured life after 60’s for themselves. These three characters really inspired and I started to have a close shot at them. They talk as if they never feel their age. A variety of talks right from cinema, politics, country’s in and around, philosophy, medicines, gossips, government jobs, zodiacs,…….
One among their talks was this. This piece surely gave me a very killing thought and so I made it.
You can daily listen to many interesting stories like this if you are there sharp by 5:30 p.m.  They aren’t like ordinary old man. They live the moment. They enjoy being with their friends and meeting new people , that’s why they choose the most busiest spot to have their chit chat. I leave it to you people decide their character
             ——the end——

The lesson learned is if we couldn’t show our presence in needy situations, we are already dead though we live physically.

saalai kamalathaai


6 thoughts on “Visibly INVISIBLE

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    1. Wow! It is the biggest response.. Thanks a lot.. Yeah I agree,it takes few more trails to understand.. The thing is we often feel by heart but not by action. Hence, we live invisible to the world.
      Feeling great to know you read it. Thanks once a again.😳

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aah. thank you and my pleasure. It was a great read, and i really liked your angle. there’s much truth in what you say. There’s is something about feelings vs action. I’m learning to read people through action. yes, you are right, there’s something of the invisible in us, though we are perfectly visible, only captured by those of the same the vision looking through a similar perspective. .

        Liked by 1 person

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