Death beat to a philosophy

Learning has no constraints. Today I’m mesmerized by the lessons taught by the red gown plant which is strong, vibrant and chilly outside and soft,pulpy, sweet and colloidal inside:-D.  Guessed right?
Yeah, it is none other than TOMATO. The beautiful nature of it is it adapts itself to any ambience. The bond with the environment curls us, drags us and teaches us. To prove my words, I have a beautiful story here.
So, basically i’m not a social enthusiast neither a plant lover nor a plant hater.  The nature didn’t interest me since I lost my world with my favourite people all around. All I know about plants is it is just a creature.  My mom is just opposite to me. She goes banana on seeing plants. All she wanted in her life is to be with greens.
This kind of set up continued for years.
I was half way in my  engineering. It was the time of  my 5th semester. Exams were already started and  I was looking forward for my third exam. I got enough guts and started preparing for it only before the day of my exam. With unexpected twist, I was informed that the exam was postponed due to rain. I was exuberant. Again the same scenario continued. Waited for my next exam. This time also I was ended up with same information. One by one, all my exams got postponed. In addition to study holidays, I was bestowed with another two months of leave. Those days really taught me many a lesson in my life.
Out of boredom ,applied for online internships and got many in return. One such company was all about plants, farmers , agriculture and technological implications on agriculture. This really turned me up.  Almost in the final round of selection, I was told to write something on plants.  That really screwed me up! Nevertheless, I didn’t give up. Some interesting idea which I read as a child flashed onto my mind. It is all about “BONSAI PLANT”. I was much excited to venture it. I googled it and learned nook and corner of it. It really inspired me.  That was the first day when I took efforts to stand near a plant and analyze it. So decided to get started with small plants. Again googled it and finally decided to do terrace planting. Worked die hardly.  You know, it is never an easy task.  I hoped that it would come up well and had no second thought. Planted almost seven varieties of plants. Just made me nuts. Beautiful changes and finally  into a plant is really an eye candy one. That anxious feel when you plant seedlings on your own to see its ultimate transformation at that moment itself is something out of the world. I’m telling you ,whoever you can be, if you do something on your own , you will definitely develop an affinity and get emotionally attached. 
I planted many. But one plant really taught me great philosophy than any other. My routine had changed after planting seedlings. Daily started to water it in the morning and would analyze each and every growth of it.  It continued for couple of weeks . could see considerable improvement. Wow! What a feel! Only thing I couldn’t do with that was interaction . That was even indirectly done by the red gown plant tomato with a very silent message in it. 
I watered , watered ,watered .There is some saying that when you get much excited and await for something, it surely will end in disaster as too much excitation kills.
All of a sudden I had some exams in the middle. Again the world of tension accompanied me leaving me forget about the world. Only after finishing exams, I realized that I didn’t water beauties. As soon as I realized ,my heart was beating and couldn’t imagine its status. I managed to reach and saw all the plants getting withered and dry like anything. It made me pale. All my efforts were broken into pieces. It is really a serious one for a person who once never considered it as a creature.  I just lost hope with wee bit stagnant on my heart. With that, I watered again.
Nothing responded me ,but the Tomato plants.
I had a close look over it. Almost all the tomato saplings were at  their last breathe. They couldn’t even stand erect. Bends and curves all around . with the last hope,  What I did after watering them was I just made each of the saplings to rest on one another as for support and watered it again.
Within a second, all sensed its first breathe after returning from its death beat. All the saplings rested on one another. I left the spot in despair.
After some time, I again came to check its status. This time, it really pinched my heart. What a lesson!
They stood erect , stubborn, fierce like never before with the same pose of resting on one another. They were like interacting with me and giving me lessons.
That is
When one is at their extreme miseries, believing the persons apart will surely pave you a way of glory. Stay united ,stay cherishing and never ever give up on current failures.
That’s it! Haven’t you got inspired?
Perhaps it sounds like a small issue. But , believe me it is not. It is really a  big one for a folk who ignored it once and now started to celebrate it.





saalai kamalathaai


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  1. Learning is an going process like plants. Your observations and follow-up towards growth of the plants will definitely give you a clear picture about the concept “growth”. Unless we give methodological concern on growth anything it will be questioned by God nature. Here I want to reiterate the famous verses of Vallalar I.e ” வாடி நின்ற பயிரை கண்ட போது வாடி நின்றேன்”. Nice experience during holidays


  2. Learning is an going process like plants. Your observations and follow-up towards growth of the plants will definitely give you a clear picture about the concept “growth”. Unless we give methodological concern on growth real will be questioned by nature. Here I want to reiterate the famous verses of Vallalar I.e ” வாடி நின்ற பயிரை கண்ட போது வாடி நின்றேன்”

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  3. Wow, I can’t believe it, I have drafted a topic about my bonsai tree which is so similar to this post, during your exams your tree was dying due to lack of care, same in my situation also but I lost my one bonsai that was 2.5 year old banyan tree and about interaction with your tree, about changing schedule all are same experience and these all I have written in my bonsai topic it is about to publish soon, happy to meet like minded people, literally I can see me in you so close experience, keep going👍☺

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    1. Oh, really?! That’s amazing. Wow! 2.5 years old banyan? That is to be really appreciated. Bringing it is never an easy job. I had never been into plantations before. But, on the very first go itself it gave me philosophy of life. Hope, you would have also got many in return. I’m very much excited to read your upcoming post on bonsai. I’m very happy that you could relate something in common. Thanks a lot. Hope you will involve with another bonsai plant. Yes, the very first thing I saw me in you is about cats😀😀😀😀😀. Hehehe!

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      1. Sure it is a tough job coz a little variation in weather condition can ruin the whole plant.After it reaches the 5 years it will need less care and one thing is that neem requires less care. Some how I managed till now hope it continues further👍.


      1. Nice 😀 But I’m very lazy to do gardening.My mom does gardening at home.But I have had an experience similar to yours.In 3rd std on eof my assignments was to grow a plant and take it to class.It was a beans plant I grew.I was so happy watering it and when it grew I was ecstatic ^_^

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      2. Oh really? Then you should be matching me. It was once. But now I’m actively involved in gardening.😁
        Wow! I wonder you could remember the incident that happened on your 3rd std. It surely need to be a nostalgic for you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I really welcome it.☺😄😄..

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      3. Good that you are into gardening 🙂 you are welcome. I l continue to share my thoughts on your blog 🙂 I dont knw how.. But I still rmbr that incident very well. 😀


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