see in you

The moment we venture inside, we fly from the worldly issues.

The world may not believe in your dreams.
Let it be!
The world may ignore your words.
Let it be!
The world may judge you on your current failures.
Let it be!
The world may give an ugly word at you.
Let it be!
The world may intertwine with your own word.
Let it be!
The world may try to deceive you.
Let it be!
Let it be!
repeat after me,
Let it be!


Let it not be,
Only when you yourself don’t realize the hero in you.

Who will see us from inside, other than us?  What type of a person we are from inside?  What type of a person we try to offer people around?

These three questions will surely make us to answer in three different formats. So, we basically try to be in the way the people desire to see us, not in the way we picturize to live. venture yourself. Life inside you is more adventurous than the life on earth. When we start to dig our inner weeds, there we find who we really are and how we are attempting to present ourselves to the world outside. There lies the real cover of you.

Listen to the voice of your instinct,

you will end up hearing musics of the composer inside you!

Meditate in the peace that prevails inside you,

you will feel like resting there itself for years!

Trigger your companion from inside to answer you,

you will be like seeing dramas of your life in a sequence!

discord with your inner soul,

you will be shown new meanings for everything you think!

Appreciate the buddy inside,

you will be taken to the land you desired for!

All I wanna say here is, celebrate the being in you. Unleash it for a social cause.








14 thoughts on “see in you

Add yours

  1. Your way of describing is highly admirable.
    “Repeat after me
    Let it be”,
    There I found a crazy ecstatic one inside you.
    Keep him always alive n active, one day surely you will attain a feather in your cap.

    Gud luck KT

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you… Yes, there lies a person on everyone else inside . Only the time bails him/her from within . Until such time, one should not lose hope on herself/himself . that’s what I meant. Thank you once a again for reading.:)


  2. we should live what we are…we should not live for others wish…….never mind whoever thinks about us… for others to see u in a high position not to see u in ur position…..ask questions to our inner mind and follow them….they are the words to u to go in a right path……njoy every moment in our life like this….this quotes are the inspiring words……………

    Liked by 1 person

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