Oh Success! I pity you!!

Count my days of success,
Let I be counting the stars.
Success? Believe me, it is the subject to be analyzed. It has got more sense than you think.
What do you consider as a success?
How can a temporary win be a success?
How can it be subjected to change and
How can it be a Victory when it does not give you evergreen happiness?
Success literally has no end to it. The range it covers is highly interesting.
A success for a mother is delivering a baby without any tragedy,
A success for a father is behaving as an ideal dad,
A success for an army man is deteriorating the opponent for a cause,
A success for a civilized girl is satisfying her family with her cooking,
A success for a watchman is catching the thief…
Oh really? Do you consider it as a success?
Okay, so you are the right person to read this.
Consider the success of a mother.
Recalling it again “A success for a mother is delivering a baby without any tragedy. “
The beautiful mother is blessed with a beautiful daughter. She loves her baby than anybody else. She pets her , gifts her, hugs her, decorates her and dreams her.
Such a dedicated mother she is. The baby grows. The daughter as a baby knows only her mother . The days pass by and got transformed to weeks, then months and finally years. She got matured now. She knows many a thing than her mother. A point comes where she beats her mother’s intelligence.  Slowly, she overrides her mother. She teases her. She curses her. She betrays her. She yells for being from her womb.
The feeling of a mother will be like dying. It is like a slow poison for a mother whose life will be like a hell. 😢
What does it really utter?
The girl whom the mother considered as a success betrayed her, crushed her and screwed her.
Which the mother once considered as a success, now  aback from her words.
I can comprehend the silence that stays in your mind and heart now. 🙍
This is not only the case dealing with a mother and her offspring,it includes all the stuffs that life carry.
So, SUCCESS is not permanent as life itself is a volatile one. Stay calm ,stay humble and understand the minute details of life. Be pious.

What is your thought on SUCCESS?

saalai kamalathaai


6 thoughts on “Oh Success! I pity you!!

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  1. really very interesting and heart touching one……………..and it is also a true statement than success does not always come with us……it is based on situation …….so be caring,be honest ,be a lovable son/daughter to ur mother……..i love my mom sooooo much….and mom’s love on her child is endless….

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    1. Very well said sinthiya.. Success can’t be defined in words..neither it behaves like that.. Everyone has their own success and failure stories..some even go to the verge of losing their lives believing that it is real… This is especially for those people.. By the way, thanks for taking your time to read this.. 🙂

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  2. Very interesting. New perspective ideology on SUCCESS. The moment you realise and experience the real satisfaction and the ultimate purpose of your life is supposed to be a real success. That experience cannot be created on your own. The master or the real guru who instigate the awareness in your inner heart that this material world is nothing. When you are really able to identify the master who is all pervading that day will be the success of your birth and life. Luckily we are all successful in our endeavor to find a real Master.

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