Ears woke up at first,
Then the eyes.
It was the song of a fan,
Waving its three hands.
Screens couldn’t resist,
Thereby started to dance.
As like tides of waves,
Marching front and back.
Sun peeped a little,
And saw the celebrations inside.
Winked with a tickle,
Soon,persuaded in rejoice.
Partied hard ,
Waken up all.
With the burning look ,
I opened my mouth,
Oh my God!
Snow like cake,
Stabbed on my face.
Cleared a pinch of cake,
I could see the world around me.
What went wrong?
With a desperate face.
Hey there!An idiot born on this day,
A chorus came on the way.
Smile on half the way,
TOCK tock! Knock on the door!
When I opened ,
Hey stupid! Wake up, It’s your birthday,
The voice of the mom.
With a faint look,
Asked her,
“Where am I?”,
She replied,
“On this day, you were on the earth for the first time,
A very happy birthday,
My princess”.

saalai kamalathaai


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