Full stop .

Between start and an end lies everything.
God has beautifully structured this phenomenal concept. Within this,  we involve another factor called “fate”. The combination of these three makes the subject interesting. So, everybody of us know that something that has started is gonna culminate. But how the trick and fate plays, determines the best and worst cases of incidents.
Take life. It all starts with a sperm.  Several changes. Finally a human. In the mean time, happiness, good times, sorrow, bad times, relations, strangers, schooling, graduation, job, retirement, loneliness… all the stuffs happen. End to all these things occurs all of a sudden.  So things that which has a start will obviously have an end.
Even the etc needs a full stop, why not this materialistic world?
Do you know why circular or dot like symbol is given to full stop?
It is to symbolize that life is a cycle. When you start, you got to reach end and again start and the process goes on. It is a never ending process.  Life continues even after the physical death of a person.
Yes! We are reborn!!
We are reborn with the same soul, but different cover. Start to investigate who you were and now who you are  later 😋.
I have seen many full stops to many issues in my life . It gives me some sort of weighted feeling. Only writing this, I could understand that we are so unaware of the fact that we are marking full stops to many a thing in life when we grow.
Let’s analyze more now.
We are well trained to handle the transient changes that life offers even as a child.
It all started on NOVEMBER 17. Couldn’t wait to be in the dark room. So, month before the predicted time.
Never minded whether it was a day or night. 
But it does matter to the world outside. It was night.
Just popped out.
The world was awesome.
Like never imagined.
Blessed people all around.
The world was cherishing me.
A proud man, an overwhelmed lady and a charming little girl celebrated me.
So, finally a full stop to the days inside the womb.  But to the saddest, I realize now only. 😜
Entangled with a caring family which was so careful on every growth of mine. So the bond with them tied as an ever breakable knot. All I know was them. Mom who loved me to see in different dresses that she prepared for me.  Dad who wished to make a picture perfect out of me. A blessed sister who taught me life and made me to be in this stage. At the same time, these folks never forgot to feed the spiritualism. Taught me to be balanced. What else life could offer me? A full stop could have been occurred here itself. But didn’t. It continued( opposite to my context 😀).
There started my growth. Like all other girls, I went schooling. A girl who had never been away from her family even for a second was thrown into classrooms. My horrible days. I still remember my first day of schooling .I was screaming throughout the way. Mom had a strong heart. But, dad couldn’t see me crying. He calmed me as long as he could. The days with the same scenario continued. Then came the Full stop. There came a day where I loved myself indulging in a new school I.e) VAIRAMS (meaning: diamonds) I had a life like I imagined. The beautiful environment, wonderful people and friendly friends 😀. The life on vairams continued. Day by day, I had a huge circle with me . It was 2011. I was in 11th standard. Life turned me up.
Shuffled classrooms. New people. Strange looks. Class full of toppers. Had no hope of mingling with them. What to do! The days had to be passed . I got to finish my 12th with the same set of strangers. Had a very small circle around me. But never forgot to create best days with them. Though it was a small circle, they taught me life after my sister. They taught me how to be happy, how to enjoy with the things that we have, what a friendship is and how to be adventurous. Yet, the days continued only with these small set of people. It was the time to arrange farewell for our seniors. So, in our class each of us were so distinctive in respective fields. There was an artist, a designer, a writer, a poet and many novel minds. Well, came to know only at that time. We had a chance to spend days with each other to make the show successive. We worked really hard as a team. Strengthened us even more. Understood each other a little. Yet, continued. This time , it’s from stranger to a greeting smile. The days passed on and we reached end of 12th standard with the same level of friendship with concerned ones. It was farewell for ourselves .😀. We made the day. We the 6 people turned out as a gang and started to have the best moments.
We weren’t friends by sharing personals. We were friends by chance that life offered.
Finished 12th public exams very successfully. There only, I realized I lost good friendships that I got to be had. Many of my classmates remained in just friends list. So decided to rewrite our fate. 😉
It is we in the history to become best friends only after surpassing the school age. Almost the entire girls team emerged as a best of best. They were the Girls of unique characters to be adopted.
There was a girl who taught me to be brave and bold,
There was a girl who taught me to to be style concerned,
There was a girl who taught me to take life lightly,
There was a girl who taught me to concentrate on foods on any occasions 😉 ,
There was a girl who taught me to live all alone with the support of none,
There was a girl who taught me to be humble during success ,
There was a girl who taught me to engage in frivolous pranks……….
Life is nothing but getting learned from others.
Loads of sharing, friendship, help ,support and more importantly loads of unwritable photos within three months of life.
Yes! Schooling got over. It is like just now I started to cry for been in schools. Very soon, it all came to an end . I could never ever get back to it.
Life got transformed in the way that I never wished for after school life.
Many twists. Many unexpected outcomes. Among them, life gives such a thrill. When we feel like enjoying with it, it soon gets finished.
Such a big FULL STOP.
Do you also have any FULL STOP stories?

If yes, please do share by commenting on this. It is to purely rethink of our past lives. So that, we can relate it to the present and celebrate it.

saalai kamalathaai


9 thoughts on “Full stop .

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  1. Great thought /view point on Full stop ✋. Now really ensure this writing does not have a ✋.
    Keep rocking with writing and inspiring without full 🌕.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. What a marvelous thought over the phrase “FULL STOP”. Remarkable one. I wonder how you could recall your early schooling by circularizing the philosophical concept of birth & death with ‘ Full stop’. You know combination of structural dots makes a line which in turn creates a meaningful word. The origin of thoughts starts with a big ” .” An enlightened soul starts its life by realising the real meaning of ‘.’. For him Full stop is not an end and its a begining of infinite IMMORTALITY. Keep deliver such beautiful and noble thinking. All the very best. I admit that you have entered into a meaningful eternal blissful world of our LORD.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I realized the power of full stop whn I was travelling in my college bus…crowding thoughts came when I decided to write about it..but mentioned only a few here..
      Thanks for reading..:)..it is all because of your support..


  3. I’ve had the best ever ‘full stops’.I’ve cherished the end of so many things.I remember having ice-cream with my best buddy and going on a drive soon after my 12th standard maths exam.I had longed for the day to come and when it finally did I had a blast.


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