My hometown, my Paradise.

Everything occurs for a reason. It is all preplanned and scheduled by God. If you live somewhere on Earth, it is for a reason.
Why weren’t you born as alien, but as a human?
Why not an animal, but as a human?
Why not a flower, but as a human?
Why not a car, but as a human?
Why not the earth, but as a human?
Why not a sun, but as a human?
Why not a God, but as a human?
Have you ever wondered about it?
It is so?! Congratulations! I’m one in you ☺.
Let us leave it behind to the ordain and simply we consider it for a reason.
What has my hometown given me? What is the reason for me to be here as prescribed by God?
Wanna know?
It is to understand how well the town works being in the midst of forest.
My home is in between the two different worlds. Behind my house, it is the world of peace where birds and animals share their life with one another without in touch with worldly issues, probably the happiest creatures on Earth. The  panoramic view of the greenish land takes one to the crust of the cream.  Standing on the terrace, glancing around the beauty of eye candy color of the flight of parrots in contrast to the sky , army jet like resemblance of the group of cranes and the home of birds on the tall coconut and pine trees and some unusual growing makes the real sense of living. It is something alluring that even the 5th sensed creature can live contented, happy and free of running behind money.  The convergence of blue, green, spotted gold, sprinkled black on the brownie ground with a light shake of all these five colors on the rainy days is the featured delight one can afford to waste time for. That is the gorgeous bird’s cutest move 😍. Yeah! You got me right 😎. It is our country’s national bird PEACOCK behind my house. With a pride finish, it curls its feathers like a Chinese fan. The sweet acoustics of new-born puppies and the emotional attachment of the mother doggie with its puppies teaches a lot than a lesson learned on a sophisticated classroom.  Lesson and life is a synonym.
However, the curtain to the fantastic living is made by the walls of king’s palace. Yes!  these amazing lives exist inside the conventional king THONDAIMAN’s palace which has now become the district collector’s office. From where the lives of common people begins. In contrary to the world of peace, the other side of my hometown is a world of rush. It is also very diverse as like to the world of peace since it includes people of different goals,status and ideologies.
Few may go in cycles. Considerably few in autos. Some in cars. Majority in buses. Men in bikes. Some safely by walk .
It is so wonderful that everyone has a different destination to be reached out.  Situating in between the two worlds of contrast, adds a flavor to life. Makes life balancing. When it is off day, nature pokes up on the other hand. That is the awesome gift pudukkottai like district offers you. Nature and living should be in harmony . Modernization IMG_0248.JPGdestruct the morale of living. Plant shrubs if not a tree. Enjoy creatures at distance at least if you can’t pet them.
It unveils the soul inside you.






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